Create a home away from home game room

It's common to find game rooms in homes these days. If you've decided to create one, a travel theme will allow you to showcase your finds and photos. It can even transport you to your favorite vacation spot.

In your game room, home away from home, think about your dream vacation. Was it a trip to the mountains? A cruise? A safari? A holiday soaking up sun on the beach? Wherever you have gone or dream of going, set the stage. Paint the wall a sky blue and install beige carpeting for a beach-themed room, or put up a mural. Have a photo of your favorite beach? You can make a custom mural. Use wicker patio furniture to keep with the theme. Prefer a mountain retreat? In addition to using paint and/or a mural on the wall, add beams or other wood touches for that log cabin feel.

For a more interactive option, affix cork wall tiles to one wall. Tack up a large world map, and use push pins to mark everywhere you've been. You can also find decorative push pins to mark vacation spots. For example, use a giraffe to mark a trip to a zoo or safari, a boat for a cruise and a whale for your Alaskan adventure. Create a picture frame collage and put up family and travel photos. Find an old globe at a thrift store. Spray it with chalkboard paint. Have everyone jot down places they want to go. Use the paint on a wall and write down your favorite vacation memories.

Movies and more

If you want to create a home theater game room, use lots of pillows to make it a comfy, cozy place. Shirts you've purchased on vacation (a Hawaiian shirt in Maui, a sweatshirt from London, a "Don't Mess With Texas" T-shirt) make great pillow coverings. You could also make a quilt for each family member to cuddle up under when it's cold and you're watching movies; just use your son's shirts for his quilt and so on.

Hide and seek

Do you have a gamer-filled home? Video game room storage is always needed. Hide all the gaming accessories in vintage suitcases. Purchase several at a thrift store. Every time you're on vacation, purchase inexpensive stickers. Place them on the suitcases when you get home. Not only will you have extra storage, but you'll also have memories of your trip. Do the same thing with a trunk and use it for a coffee table. Put up wall shelves and fill with tchotkes you find during your travels: snow globes featuring different cities, seashells from beaches, rocks collected during mountain hikes and so on.

You want to remember your vacations, but it's sometimes difficult to display all of your pictures and mementoes in the rest of your home. A game room is a perfect place to fill with vacation memories so you can have your home away from home in your home sweet home.

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