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Whether you go with traditional or electric knife sharpeners, get the best knife sharpener at Sears

No matter high-quality your kitchen knives are, they're no good to you if they're dull. Dull knives are actually less safe than sharp ones because it takes more effort to force the dull edge through, leading to slipping and accidents. Kitchen knives should ideally be honed with a steel after every meal prep, and sharpened once or twice a month. Having some kind of knife sharpener in your home keeps your knives cutting cleanly and your kitchen running smoothly, injury-free.

If you're particular about sharpening your blades, you may prefer using a knife sharpening stone. With these, you simply rub the blade across the stone at the angle you want. This lets you have complete control over how the knife is sharpened. These simple abrasive stones usually have two sides: coarse and fine. If the blade is very dull, use the coarse side to put an edge on it, and then, bring out the sharpness with the fine side.

A faster option is to use an electric knife sharpener. These machines sharpen knife edges at preset angles so your knife will come out exactly sharp enough, every time. Most models also have multiple slots so they can handle all the types of knives you have, whether thick or thin. Some models can even sharpen serrated blades, so no matter what knives you have in your drawer you can keep them cutting cleanly with Sears.

The sharpening process often leaves knives with small "burrs", or folded-over spots on the edge, so when you're done using the sharpening stone or electric sharpener you should always touch up the edge with a knife sharpening rod. These rods are made of metal or ceramic and have a diamond-shaped pattern that provides mild abrasion. Sharpening rods are used to put a final polish on your knife edge by removing burrs without taking off too much metal, making them perfect for putting the finishing touch on your blades. Each rod typically has a single level of coarseness.

Whether you choose to go manual or electric, these knife sharpeners give your knives the edge they need to keep you cooking longer and cutting stronger. There's never a need to throw a dull knife away when you have the right sharpeners. Shop at Sears to find your favorite type of sharpening solution.


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