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Small Space Appliances

Compact Home Appliances: Shop Small Space Appliances at Sears

Sears has compact home appliance for home and apartments with limited space. Find various small space appliances for laundry, cooking, refrigeration and more at Sears.

You've moved into an apartment or condo and found that you have limited space for certain appliances. While you may want to invest in the biggest and best appliances, you can still find the same comfort and performance in compact home appliances from Sears. Just because they're smaller doesn't mean they are any less efficient. In fact, compact home appliances are designed similarly to full-sized appliances but at a smaller scale. While space is limited in your new place, you have to work with what you're given. Compact home appliances give you exactly what you need in the space you're provided without getting in the way.

The area in your house or apartment that usually ends up being condensed into a smaller area is the kitchen. Just because you don't have a full-size kitchen doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same luxuries. Ranges under 24-inches wide may prevent you from roasting a Thanksgiving turkey, but can still provide you with a decent enough oven capacity for you to enjoy warm meals. If you find you need an additional range on top, consider getting a single induction cooktop or hot plate you can keep on your counter. 

When you think compact home appliances, you might instantly think of compact refrigerators, usually reserved for dorm rooms, office rooms, garages or the family den. While there are compact refrigerators for any room you may need it in, there's a more appropriately sized refrigerator for small kitchen spaces. Sears carries refrigerators under 33-inches wide so they can fit in your small kitchen area. Usually these thinner refrigerators are slightly shorter than your average size, but they still provide plenty of cubic foot capacities to accommodate all your food. 

Having a smaller kitchen doesn't mean you need to clean all your dishes by hand. Portable dishwashers are perfect if you can't sacrifice the under-the-counter space. Some portable dishwashers have a butcher block laminated top that gives you additional counter space. If a portable dishwasher is not an option, but you still need a compact home appliance to wash your dishes, consider a dishwasher under 18-inches wide. Standard dishwashers are about 24-inches wide, but installing a thinner dishwasher won't take as much lower cabinet space.

One of the compact home appliances people look for before they move is a laundry unit within their apartment or condo. While this may be difficult to find, you can always invest in laundry centers that have a stacked appearance; this same you plenty of floor space and can fit inside that extra hallway closet. If you do have floor space to spare, compact washers and dryers are available under 26-inches wide. You'll spare yourself a trip to the Laundromat with these small space appliances in your home.

Don't sacrifice your way of living just because you don't think you have the space for it. You may have to adjust to what you were used to, but you can still expect the same efficiency from compact home appliances. These small space appliances get the job done while still giving you enough space to live. Shop Sears for the best compact home appliances for your apartment or condo today and live your life in equal luxury.