Different types of free weight sets for any fitness enthusiast

When you are starting your strength training regimen, it can be hard to distinguish between the many forms of weight lifting equipment at the gym. Machines are easy to use, and usually have workout ideas glued right onto the side of the device. A free weight set, on the other hand, comes with very little instruction. However, free weights can be an excellent way to build strength because your whole body supports each movement.

The most simple free weights you can own are dumbbells. Standard dumbbells usually come in pairs (one for each arm) and are made as simple bars with weights attached to each end. Enamel coated or rubber dumbbells are great if you don't want to ruin your floors. If you are short on space, a set of adjustable dumbbells may be the right free weights for you. This set consists of two bars with removable plates on the ends. You can add or remove plates to change your weight for different exercise.


No matter what types of free weights you choose, a bench is an essential piece of exercise equipment to help you get the most out of your workout. A standard bench allows you to work in many positions and get a full rotation on all of your exercises. If you can get a free weight set with bench included, you may have the bonus of an included weight rack, which is nice for home gym organization. You may also want to get a free weight bench set that includes attachments for incline or decline settings as well as leg press add-ons. However, a standard flat bench will still be a great tool for your gym.

Bar, plates and clamps

If you want to work some major muscle groups during your workout, then you will need to look in to barbell weight sets. Whether you get a standard or Olympic bar, you will need appropriate plates. Make sure your plates are sized to the bar. Otherwise, you may have plates that don?t fit or are too big and slide off. Make sure to also buy clamps to hold your weights in place. While you might think you are an expert lifter, all it takes is a slight tilt in the bar to set the plates sliding. A sudden change in weight distribution can cause injury, and sliding plates can seriously hurt your floor. Clamps are an inexpensive way to keep your workout space safe. Most weight sets are created equal, but look to brand names like Cap barbell weight sets to be your guide as you look for quality, stability and durability.

Other free weight options

Free weights can be intimidating for many people. If this describes you, then try something a little more docile, such as a medicine ball or kettleballs. These are weight devices that can be used in core work, cardio or explosive strength training. Both the medicine ball and the kettleball are similar to the types of things a person might carry in everyday situations, like a basketball or small pail. Thus, it is easy to understand how to use them, and they don't require much set-up time or safety equipment to use. If you decide to use one of these tools, just make sure to get proper instruction in form and use so that you can get the most out of your workout.

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