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      Charm your little ones with adorable baby dolls

      There's nothing quite like the pleasure of viewing the joy on a young child's face when presented with a new doll from the Sears collection of baby dolls. Children view cute and cuddly baby dolls as cherished companions that help them explore their ever-expanding world. Adults know that playing with baby dolls helps children learn social, emotional and cognitive skills. Whether it's a newborn baby doll with her own little pacifier or a fun and fashionable Barbie, baby dolls can play an important role in your child's development.

      Our extensive collection of baby dolls ensures that you'll find a little charmer that's ideal for your little boy or girl. Manufactured by trusted brands like Mattel, JC Toys and Fisher-Price, you can trust the quality of our line of baby dolls as well. Our collection ranges from baby dolls that coo and laugh when you press their tummies to twin baby dolls that come with their own double strollers. You'll find a menagerie of plush baby animals in our baby toys collection too.

      The Sears collection of baby dolls features toys that are designed to appeal to your child's specific interests and temperament. From a baby Disney princess to a little Dora the Explorer, we offer an array of baby dolls fashioned after your child's favorite characters from films, television and nursery books. Our broad assortment of fashionable Mattel Barbies includes fanciful fairytale princesses as well as dolls that represent cultures and ethnicities from around the world. For very young children, we offer a full line of Mattel's Little Mommy baby dolls too.

      If you're a doll collector, you're in for a treat. Our baby dolls collection includes dolls in every collectible category, from Madame Alexander treasures to adorable Cabbage Patch Kids and Lalaloopsy dolls. Whether you're looking for a baby doll designed to look like a real newborn for a Barbie doll sporting the latest fashion trend, browse our collection to find the perfect addition for yours. You'll discover more figurines to collect and display in our line of collectible dolls as well.

      By helping her to cultivate critical cognitive and social skills, toys from our collection of baby dolls enhance your child's development. Whether it's a baby doll that helps teach your little one to use a potty chair, a doll with brushable hair to care for and pamper or a trio of machine-washable matching dolls designed for rough-and-tumble play, count on Sears to offer baby doll companions for every child in your life.


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