Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go: Find Kids' Dresses and Suits for All Occasions

Whether your little guy is carrying a ring down the wedding aisle, headed for his baptism or putting on his first musical recital, he'll need a good-looking boy's suit to make him feel like the man you know he is inside. In the same way, your little girl needs a pretty formal girl's dress for when it's time to scatter flower petals during a wedding or dress up for church. All too often, though, getting young kids into formalwear can be like pulling teeth. Children don't like doing things they find uncomfortable and improperly fitted suits and dresses for kids can cause chafing, itching and binding. The best way to get your little ones to enjoy putting on suits and dresses is to get them clothes which fit comfortably and look great on them. With all the compliments they'll be getting from the grown-ups at their formal event, they'll be sure to love getting dressed up whenever they can.

When it comes to picking out a suit for your boy or a dress for your girl, you might be tempted to keep things as inexpensive as possible. Kids grow up fast after all, and if they are just going to grow out of their clothes, why spend a lot of money on them? You can definitely buy children's formalwear that looks great without breaking the bank, as long as you make sure it fits properly. No matter how much they cost, clothes just won't look right if it's not properly fitted. Even plenty of adults don't get this, which is why you see grown men walking around with baggy jackets which hide their figures, and grown women in jeans two sizes too small. When measuring your child for a suit or dress, make sure they are wearing the undergarments they will wear under their dress clothes, which will ensure an accurate measurement. Use a flexible tape to measure the chest, sleeve, waist hip and length before you start shopping. Remember that the tape should not be pulled too tightly when measuring, or else the finished clothes will be uncomfortable.

How to Buy a Boy's Baptism Suit

The most common events where a boy needs to wear a suit are baptisms, confirmations and other religious ceremonies. With measurements in hand, it's easy to find a suit that fits just right. All that's left is to decide on the color and styling. The classic color choice for boys' baptism and ring bearer suits is plain black. Black is the most formal of the suit colors and is very appropriate for solemn occasions like weddings and funerals. Pair your boys' black suit with shined black leather shoes and a solid color boy's tie and he'll look like a perfect little gentleman. If you anticipate he will wear the suit for non-religious occasions as well, go for navy blue or charcoal gray. These colors tend to be more versatile and can be dressed up and down depending on the level of formality you desire.

If you are buying your boy a suit so he can take part in a wedding for funeral, carefully check the dress code before making your purchase! Events which are labeled "black tie" require males to wear tuxedos instead of suits, and you don't want your boy to stand out in an embarrassing way. Boys' tuxedos are even simpler to buy than boys' suits, because they only come in one option: black. As long as you pay attention to the measurements and make sure to match the tux with a pair of shiny patent leather shoes and black dress boys' socks, your little guy will look great at the big event.

How to Buy a Flower Girl Dress

Being the flower girl at a wedding is usually the first time your little girl ever wears a formal dress in public, and if she's wearing a dress that makes her look like a princess she'll remember that first time forever. Read up on how to buy girls' dress clothes to bring home the right fit for your special little one.

The first decision you have to make is whether to buy the dress earlier or later. Buying a dress early gives you some wiggle room to make alterations if it doesn't fit just right. This is especially important if you are buying online since you won't have a chance to try it on beforehand. On the other hand buying too early might mean that your little girl grows out of the dress before the date of the event. Buying a dress later ensures that she won't grow out of it, but there may not be time to send it back for alterations if it doesn't fit when it arrives. In general, buy late when shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, and early when shopping online. Buying the dress four to six weeks before the event is a good compromise in any case.

The bride typically picks out the flower girl dress to match her wedding dress, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left for you to do. It's important that you work closely with the bride beforehand to ensure a comfortable fit and to avoid bad feelings after the dress is selected. Make sure the dress is made of comfy materials so you little girl arrives at the altar with a smile on her face, not a frown. Don't forget that you and your little darling should pick out complementary girls' accessories like lacy socks and hair ribbons to help her look her best on the big day. This is also a good time for her to experience wearing hosiery for the first time, so a pair of sheer white girls' stockings may be in order.

When your special little guy or girl is ready to put on their first formal suit or dress, look no further than Sears. With such a wide selection of children's formalwear in stock, you can get your boy's baptism suit or your girl's flower girl dress delivered right to your door. Bring home a comfortable, great fitting and good looking suit or dress and your little ones will love dressing up whenever they can.

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