Documentaries are becoming prominent as people want to satisfy their quench for learning along with entertainment. Many documentary DVDs are available on various topics from the history of the universe to the speculation of aliens. Learn a new subject today with educational Blu-ray movies. Have you been thinking about learning a new language or discovering the history of our planet? Let Sears help you discover new interests and educate yourself on plenty of topics available.

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Make documentary DVDs part of your family night

Documentary DVDs from Sears are educational additions to your library of entertainment media. They offer up targeted information in a manner that makes it easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. Some programs focus on a famous person while others tackle eminent works of art or fiction. Still, documentaries offer an intimate look at the creative process. For example, "Discovering Hamlet" is a documentary that follows the Renaissance Theatre Company as it puts on "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. Narrator Patrick Stewart guides you through the debut performance of Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet. Gain an intimate understanding of just how much preparation and soul-searching goes into the presentation of a well-known play.

Of course, there are also other documentaries that may appeal more to you or your family. "Whittle: Jet Pioneer" chronicles the life and inventive process of Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle. He invented the turbojet engine just prior to World War II and changed Britain's course of history. Still other documentaries focus on the first Christmas, the American Civil War and former first families like the Clintons. Buy documentary DVDs with your kids' history or English curriculum in mind.

Then again, perhaps you would like the family to learn a new skill. With how-to DVDs from Sears, you can tackle anything from juggling to magic and card tricks. Use the DVDs as tools to get some great interactions with the kids and have fun in the process. When you and the kids learn side by side, you build some great memories. Opt for the quirkier titles whenever possible. After all, who would not like to learn a bunch of card tricks that they could show off to their friends?

Make sure that you have the right home theater speakers in your entertainment center. Not only will you enjoy cinema-quality sound for all your movies, but the right configuration of speakers also elevates the process of watching a movie to a completely new experience. Feel like you are a part of the action rather than an onlooker in front of a flat screen. Save money by choosing a multi-piece speaker system that includes ceiling speakers, subwoofers and wall speakers.

When DVDs are not the technology you usually choose, pick up documentary Blu-ray movies instead. There are plenty of titles that come out in DVD and Blu-ray. For example, the IMAX earth collection features four separate discs that carry titles like "The Greatest Places," "Ring of Fire" and "Tropical Rainforest." Let your kids have a front seat to the world's wonders, and watch their grades go up in the process. Let them visually experience the topics that they have only learned about from books.

Sears offers a wide variety of documentary DVDs, how-to DVDs and documentary Blu-ray movies. Establish your home library of educational and fun movies today. Over the next few weeks, watch the movies with your family, and enjoy the way that your kids will learn and bond with you.


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