Electric Power Tools: Utilizing the world's greatest inventions

Have you ever lightly tossed out the phrase, ?this is the greatest thing since sliced bread??  When thinking about some of the greatest products to ever hit the tools market, what can possibly take first place ahead of power tools?  Electric tools, understandably, have revolutionized industry. 

Gone are the days of human- or animal-generated power applied to the project of the day.  Enter the days of plug in, fire up and take that construction project down.  Today, electric power tool suppliers provide cordless, multi-tool kits that equip the Saturday do-it-yourselfer with more voltage than the previous generations of tools combined.

Here are just a favorite few of the many electric power tool possibilities:

Electric steamers and power washers

At first you may say, ?An electric steamer??  But have you ever attempted the single most frustrating, anger-provoking, religion-challenging project of all:  removing wall paper?  It tempts you by peeling the top layer of paper back so smoothly that you are beguiled into falsely thinking, ?This will be a snap, I?ll be done by two o?clock to watch the football game.? About nine o?clock that evening, you?ve stabbed, gouged and mutilated the wall, which now requires attention from a local drywall expert.

The electric steamer can save hours of frustration, pain and additional work by bringing that accursed paper down with a minimal amount of fuss.

Another weekend project may involve power washing the deck, cleaning the driveway or even washing the brick on the house.  After a quick removal of debris from your selected surface, you simply attach the garden hose, plug the power washer in and ?let it fly.?  From a safety standpoint, be sure to remove patio furniture or other lightweight objects, or ?let it fly? could take on a whole, new meaning.

Electric Wet Dry Vacuum

No garage/shop is complete without the electric wet-dry vacuum. Cleaning up a mess with this versatile implement makes finishing the job a snap.  A five-gallon unit with hose attachments can help you vacuum the car, clean up the front porch or even drink up the water in the utility room after working on the washing machine.  This is one electric tool you don?t want to be without.

Electric rotary tools

Whether removing a coat of paint on a steel surface, cutting a stubborn bolt, or grinding and sanding, the rotary tool can supply the power when no other tool will do the job.

Those weekend chores can either be a breeze or a daunting proposition.  From searching for the mop and bucket to clean the patio, to doing hand-to-hand combat with a killer room full of wallpaper, to cleaning up the latest water disaster after a plumbing project gone awry, finding the right tool can make any small job can be large. To cut that project down to size, the right electrical power tools that make the project easier.

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