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      If you like to frequently work on your vehicle, chances are you change the motor oil on your own. Sears carries a large selection of synthetic and conventional motor oil and fluids for any car or motorcycle. Whether you choose smokeless, diesel or synthetic blends, find high-quality products that lubricate the moving parts of your engine. You'll also find other important oil and fluids you should routinely put in your car, including brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid. Make sure that before you start adding fluid to you have the right auto test equipment and tools to complete the job.

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      Have your car running smoothly with the right oil and fluids

      Every car requires special kinds of oil and fluids to operate efficiently. For instance, new vehicles typically run on synthetic oil, which needs to be changed approximately every 10,000 miles. Sears has a wide variety of motor oils and other automotive fluids to make your routine maintenance as simple as possible. We also carry conventional motor oils to service older vehicles that need more frequent oil changes. You'll find high-quality fluids that give you the best and safest performance for your vehicle.

      No matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you have, Sears has the right kind of motor oil blends to effectively lubricate your engine. Get top of the line conventional or synthetic motor oil from reliable brands like Mobil 1 and Quaker State. Once you find the right one, make sure you have other tools to get the job done. It's important that you have a sturdy jack or jack stands to properly elevate your car when you change the oil.

      Your oil isn't the only thing that needs to be changed routinely. It's crucial that you change your brake, steering and transmission fluid at the appropriate time too. When the winter rolls around, make sure you also top off your antifreeze so your windshield stays clear. Sometimes, the plastic containers that your oil and fluids come in leak with even the slightest crack. Since most gas cans are thicker and more durable than stock bottles, consider keeping spare gas cans around to put your motor oil and automotive fluids in.

      There is nothing wrong with taking precaution by storing extra fluid in your car. If you live in a place that experiences snowfall and salted roads in the winter, it's crucial to have a bottle of antifreeze ready in case you run out during your commute. You should think about keeping windshield wiper fluid readily available in your car. Save space by storing a container in a travel storage box with other emergency supplies in your trunk or backseat. These boxes usually have dividers to neatly separate tools, fluids and other emergency accessories.

      Whether you change your own motor oil or always top off your antifreeze every winter, you should always get the best oil and fluids for your car. Sears the right kind of motor oil and automotive fluid to keep your vehicle going without any hang-ups.


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