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Keep reading alive with books and magazines

There's nothing more rewarding that finishing a book, be it a novel, a textbook or a work of non-fiction. Stocking up on all of the books that you need should be a fun and enjoyable task. While you're buying books for yourself, remember that books make fantastic gifts as well. Look for the newest cookbook for your friends with culinary skills or a collection of young adult novels for your favorite teen. When you order books from Sears, you can choose from the best selection of novels, biographies, cookbooks and more.

Voracious readers are always on the lookout for the latest novels in their favorite series' and from their favorite authors. Even though many people are reading on eReaders, bibliophiles and other bookworms still want that feel of turning a page or the weight of a book in their hands. There's an excitement when a new book comes out, and you may even find yourself waiting with baited breath on the release date. Whether you're in the mood for romance novels, investigative crime dramas or classic literature from renowned authors, you'll find yourself lost in the unique and interesting stories that each book has to offer.

For non-fiction readers, there is a wide variety of books and magazines to feed your desire for true stories, inspirational tales and more. From religion books to self-help books and memoirs to biographies, you can find exactly what you need and more. History books can be a fascinating trip back in time while you learn about the past, while business books are designed to help you grow and lean into the future.  Stock your bookshelves with informative and interesting books to keep your mind active and engaged at all times.

Books make the perfect gift for everyone on your list. A sports fan will appreciate a collector's series book or a biography of his or her favorite athlete. Your friend who loves spending time in the kitchen will pour over a new cookbook, planning meals and snacks for every occasion. Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate a best seller from one of the top humorists in the country, while your friends with green thumbs will really get into a book about gardening. For someone really special, consider a beautiful photography book paired with a point-and-shoot camera, so that he or she can create their own stunning photography.

Books and magazines are timeless gifts and mementos. Even with rapidly changing technology, Whether you're looking for books for school, work or pleasure, you can find a variety of genres and titles perfectly suited to your reading needs and preferences at Sears.