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Father's Day Electronics Event

Our Fathers Day Electronics Event has ended.

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TV Buying Guides


Buying a 4K HDTV

The enhanced viewing experience of a 4K HDTV can bring true cinematic experience into your home theater, but before you make that investment in a new TV it's important to understand what excactly 4K can do for you. read more


Buying a 3D TV

Today's technology and effects go way beyond the cheesy blue and red glasses and grainy reception you may recall from the early days of 3D viewing. Here's a guide to help you understand 3D TVs and the features to consider. read more


Buying a LED TV

When compared with their LCD and plasma competitiors, LED TVs have some distinct advantages. LED TVs use specialized lighting that produces some of the brightest TVs on the market. read more


Buying a LCD TV

These popular televisions have a number of advantages, including that they're available in smaller sizes and are often the most affordable choice in any given screen size or feature category. read more


Buying a Plasma TV

If you're in the market for a new TV and are looking for an ultra-flat model with great picture quality, here's what you need to know about purchasing a plasma TV. read more

Quick Tips


Choosing the Right TV

Movies, sports and video games become more intense and enjoyable when viewed on a big screen TV. read more


Shopping on a Budget

Walk into the electronics department of any store and the selections oftentimes become overwhelming. The price points vary considerably, leading you to wonder whether the more expensive television really is a better television. read more


Blu-ray Buying Guide

If you have a high-end TV and are looking for the highest image and sound quality possible when playing your favorite movies, consider a Blu-ray player. Here's what you need to know to select the right model. read more


TV Mounting Tips

Whether you already have a flat panel TV or are planning on getting one this holiday season; wall mounting is definitely something you should consider. read more


4K TV for the Home Theater

The newest, hottest television, a 4K Ultra High Definition TV can give your home theater the boost it needs. Your friends and family will beg to come watch their favorite sports teams, television shows and movies on your big screen TV. read more


4K TV for Business Owners

Keep visitor satisfaction high and keep them coming back for more by setting up a new 4K HDTV  in your small business. Giving customers some entertainment to focus on as they wait for their drink, meal or appointment goes a long way toward making up for small service mishaps. read more

Get great prices on TVs, tablets and more at the Sears Memorial Day electronics sale

Memorial Day kicks off the start of summer and beach season, meaning there's no better holiday for having friends and family over for a big cookout. With a new Android, Galaxy or ASUS tablet in hand, you're sure to preserve the precious memories created this weekend. Switch on the camera function to take adorable photos of the kids playing on the swing set, or link up the live video feature and send a real-time video chat to distant relatives who couldn't make it. Don't forget that a tablet makes it easy to look up recipes, cook times and temperatures, even when you're outside by the grill. With all that information at your fingertips, you'll serve up sizzling burgers, juicy brats, and perfectly done steak every time.

When the party's moved indoors, there's no better way to make the day memorable than by gathering everyone around your brand new big screen TV to watch some Memorial Day sports. With high resolution, crystal-clear screens from top TV makers like Samsung, Sharp and LG, your guests will be able to follow the action of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and experience every action-packed detail of the Dos Santos versus Mir UFC match. If you're more into racing sports, a brand new Bose surround sound system will deliver the roaring of engines and screaming of tires right into your living room as you watch the Indy 500.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who served their country. Take some time out from shopping and celebrating this weekend to say thank you to a veteran, and shake the hand of someone who fought for freedom. Sears thanks the veterans of the US armed forces, and those who made the greatest sacrifice.