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Enjoy a full-body workout with all of the necessary equipment from Sears.

The best way to avoid a plateau in your fitness regime is to constantly change up your workouts. When you use a combination of weight-lifting, cardio, flexibility and agility in your workouts you become the fittest version of yourself.

When you're truly in shape, you aren't just a runner or weight-lifter; you're well-balanced individual who is strong, lean and fit. To start a full-body workout for beginners, look for men's or women's athletic shoes that have a flat bottom. If there's too much cushion or lift it can throw off certain exercises like squats and shoulder presses. Completing an exercise correctly is half the battle when it comes to turning fat into muscle.

The best way to turn fat into muscle is by combining cardio with weight lifting. Kettlebells are a great item to have in your home. Instead of buying an expensive machine that only works one section of your body, use this equipment to work multiple sections. Try doing lunges across the room while lifting your kettlebell. This works the upper and lower body simultaneously.

After a tough workout, it's important that you stretch. Lactic acid is what causes your muscles to be sore after you work out. Use a foam roller to relieve some of the muscle tension and acid from your body.

Whether you're trying to tone up or lose weight, mixing and matching workouts is important so that you avoid a plateauing. Sears has all the gear necessary for you to make the most out of your full-body workout.