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      Lease It

      Plus, no credit required*

      Take advantage of fast approval, low payments & a flexible payment schedule. Need more details on how the leasing program works? See below for more information.

      Ready to lease again? No need to re-apply. Visit your Sears location or call 1-855-965-4669 to get a new lease started in minutes. 


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      Participating departments

      Appliances, Electronics, Fitness, Furniture, Mattresses, Lawn & Garden, Outdoor Living, Tools and Sears Auto Center


      Some exclusions apply. Leasing available in store only. Mattresses may not be taken home same day. Total ticket price must be greater than $280.

      Who Qualifies?


      • Photo ID showing you're at least 18 years of age
      • Minimum monthly income
      • Valid Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number
      • Make the first payment in store today, and set up ongoing payments**

      Apply online now. Get fast approval. Start leasing today!

      Make It Happen

      Here’s how leasing works at Sears:



      Step 1

      Step 1

      Apply in-store or online. Head to your local Sears store and pick out the items you’d like to lease at today’s prices. A store associate will be happy to help you with the rest.

      Step 2

      Step 2

      Make your first payment in store and take your items home that day. Your lease is divided into minimum term payments.

      Step 3

      Step 3

      Complete your minimum term payments, then it's your call. There are three options:

      1. Continue to lease and purchase at any time.***

      2. Return item to leasing partner.

      3. Buy out your lease and keep it. It’s yours.***


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Who is the leasing partner for Sears?

      WhyNotLeaseIt™ is an independent service provider offering merchandise leasing at Sears.**** Transactions with WhyNotLeaseIt are confidential, secure and compliant with all Federal Consumer Leasing laws. 


      What is my minimum term?

      There is a 5 month minimum lease term.


      How do I buyout my lease?

      After you have met the minimum term requirement, you can purchase the merchandise from WhyNotLeaseIt.The purchase amount is a percentage of the depreciated value of the merchandise. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive proof of ownership from WhyNotLeaseIt.***


      Who should I contact with questions about my lease? 

      Contact WhyNotLeaseIt Customer Service, available seven days a week to assist you. They can be reached by phone at 1-855-965-4669 or by email at You can also access information regarding your lease at the online Customer Service Center.


      Do I make my payments at Sears?

      No. Payments are auto-deducted from the account that you listed as preferred on your application. Payments will process on the dates listed on your lease payment schedule. 

      Not a member? Join for free. Get Shop Your Way points when you lease at Sears.

      Apply online and lease merchandise from Sears.

      Most people live on a tight budget, which means money isn't always available at their fingertips.  Sears has revolutionized the “rent-to-own” idea with a new leasing program. The program allows you to lease almost everything including consumer electronics, large appliances, furniture and basic accessories. Simply apply online, get approved, and then take your approval code into your local Sears store to select items you're interested in leasing. A friendly Sears associate will then help you shop your way by compiling an inventory of everything you need.

      Applying online for a lease is easy, and you'll gain immediate access to a full range of merchandise upon approval. Unlike credit programs, getting approved for Sears’ leasing program is fast and easy; you don't need to stress about your low credit score because credit isn't required for approval. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid Social Security or Individual Taxpayer ID Number and meet the minimum monthly income. With leasing, all you need to do is make your first payment in-store, and you can take your items home with you the very same day. Get approved in seconds and enjoy conveniently low payments and a flexible payment plan.

      Shop smarter by taking advantage of Sears’ new leasing program, and get rewarded for the merchandise you lease with Shop Your Way points.

      * Age and income requirements apply. 

      ** Since all payments are handled electronically, debit cards must allow non-PIN based transactions and checking account must allow ACH debits.

      *** Leasing customers in MN, NJ and WI must contact WhyNotLeaseIt to negotiate the purchase of the leased item(s).  

      ****WhyNotLeaseIt is an independent service provider and not an affiliate or licensee of Sears®, Kmart, Shop Your Way® or any other Sears Holdings Corporation or affiliate.