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Dazzling White 10.5 16gb $499.99
Dazzling White 8.4 16gb $399.99
Titanium Bronze 8.4 16gb $399.99
titanium Bronze 10.5 16gb $499.99


The Galaxy Tab S is ultrathin and light enough to go everywhere you go. 

It features a sleeker, more premium design that is easier to carry and hold. 

Watch a movie, read a book or play games for extended periods of time.






Enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience with the Super AMOLED display.

Entertainment comes alive with clearer contrast, more vivid colors and resolution that's twice as good as HDTV.









Multi user mode - Get a personalized tablet experience for every member of the family, with up to 8 unique profiles. Multi-windowMake the most of the screen by using two apps side by side, with the ability to drag content from one app to the other. Ultra Power Saving Mode - Turns your screen to black and white and shuts off nonessential apps, so you can maximize battery life in a pinch. Fingerprint scanner - Unlock your tablet and keep your photos, videos, and personal files secure with just the swipe of your finger.



Samsung Galaxy S 10.5" Book Cover White
Samsung Galaxy S 8.4" Book Cover White
Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Book cover Titanium Bronze
Samsung Galaxy S 8.4" Book Cover Titanium Bronze

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With your busy lifestyle, you need a device that keeps up. Luckily, Samsung has stepped up to the plate. Their new Galaxy Tab S has the power, speed and memory to keep you moving forward at lightning speeds. A new multi-window feature will allow you to make the most of your screen by using two apps side-by-side simultaneously. Drag and drop content from one app to the other with just the touch of your finger. With a fingerprint scanner, you can lock and unlock your device with a single tap so you can quickly get back to your games, videos and more.

Between music, work files and high scores, you may find yourself needing a lot of storage space. The Galaxy Tab S doesn't disappoint, with 16GB of on-board memory and a micro-SD card slot that will allow you to boost your memory all the way up to a whopping 128GB. When you order the 10.5" model, Sears will throw in $100 in ShopYourWay points as well as a cover at no cost to keep your tablet scratch-free. Pick up the 8.4" version to get a free cover, and all pre-orders will receive complimentary shipping. Get your Galaxy S Tab today so you can play, work and watch faster than ever.