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All About Xbox One

All About Xbox One

With new technology, upgraded hardware and additional online capabilities, Microsoft’s latest console available at Sears will take your gaming experience to a new level. Scheduled for a November release, the Xbox One shows that cloud storage and Internet connected gaming is a necessary evolution. Having access to a wider variety of online options allows gamers to share more with other players and feel more connected to their favorite games. It also allows other members of the family who might not be as into gaming an opportunity to take advantage of the console’s features. The Xbox 360 simulates a media center or computer by allowing its users to multitask, store all their media and access Internet applications, like Netflix and Skype.



One of the major improvements from the Xbox 360, which is the Xbox One’s predecessor, is the Xbox Kinect 2. The Kinect, which was an add-on for previous iterations, is now incorporated into the new console. The smarter, more sophisticated sensor can process more data per second, allowing users a faster response time when they’re playing with or without a controller. The powerful processor can track up to six players at once, and since it uses infrared, it works in the dark too. The Kinect 2 has a high-resolution camera and a field of view that’s significantly larger than the original Kinect; it can also react to gesture and voice commands at all times, even when the system is turned off. The advanced technology in the Kinect gives players smoother and faster interactions with their games.



Perhaps one of the most important changes to the third generation of Xboxes is its focus on online integration. The Xbox One features apps that are accessible with an Xbox Live subscription, such as Netflix, Skype, Hulu, the NFL app and more. Users also have access to a Web browser, a variety of online gaming and DVR options as well as the live streaming capabilities. Much like a computer, the Xbox One also allows you to store music, movies, TV shows and other files on the device so you can access whatever you need on one platform. The Xbox One conveniently lets its users multitask without having to switch devices. And with a 500 GB hard drive and cloud storage capabilities, the device won’t get ever get bogged down or full.

The unique HDMI in and out ports allow you to integrate your cable TV with your device, so you don’t have to switch inputs every time you want to switch from the TV to the gaming system, or visa versa. The voice command capability in the Kinect 2 allows you to change the channel with your voice or switch from the Xbox to cable. You can also use the new and improved Xbox One Wireless Controller, which has a sleeker, smaller design for better handling. When you buy the Xbox One, you won’t have to worry about confusing cables or complications when you try to use it; the device is user-friendly, regardless of how much you know about gaming consoles.

Take your game to new heights with the Xbox One at Sears. Whether you're looking for a whole new console or just a few accessories, Sears has whatever you need to get your game on.

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