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Buying a 4K HDTV for Small Business Owners

Buying a 4K HDTV for Small Business Owners

Whether you're running the family restaurant, setting up a sports bar or opening a private medical practice, running a small business can be tough. Attracting new customers is just half the job; cultivating loyal repeat customers is the real lifeblood of any small business, and anything that helps you retain those customers is an advantage you can't afford to miss. Keep visitor satisfaction high and keep them coming back for more by setting up a new 4K HDTV  in your small business. Giving customers some entertainment to focus on as they wait for their drink, meal or appointment goes a long way toward making up for small service mishaps.


The "4K" designation refers to the latest generation of high definition TVs. The best of the previous generations of HDTVs had 1080p resolution, which means that the screen has 1080 horizontal lines which make up the image. 4K has nearly four times the pixels of 1080p; it is much sharper and clearer than the next best option, making it uniquely suited for the needs of small businesses.

Putting 4K behind your bar

Many people don't consider a bar complete unless it's got at least one TV. Giving customers the ability to watch sporting events is an easy way to ensure a packed house on fight night or during season playoffs. An excited crowd is a drinking crowd, and one big sports event with thirsty guests can really help you make your margins for weeks to come. On a slow shift, a TV gives the staff something to do and improves team morale. A bar TV is also a source of daily news for dedicated drinkers; daytime regulars love nothing better than shouting down or loudly supporting the news anchor or political talk show host on screen.


Bar customers sit further from the TV than home TV watchers usually do, which makes the extra clarity of a 4K TV extra important. In a dark, loud, crowded bar, viewers need all the resolution they can get for a good viewing experience. With one or more 4K HDTVs hanging above the bar or along the walls, customers will be able to experience fine details down to the pebbling on the football and individual blades of grass on the field. The high resolution also helps people follow the movements of the game or match; they'll be able to catch the details of controversial calls and confusing plays that they may have missed with 1080p. Putting on a great sports spectacle for your guests is an easy way to keep them coming back season after season.

Buying 4K HDTVs for a restaurant

Don't forget that a restaurant 4K TV is good for more than just sporting events and news broadcasts. If you're running a trendy bistro, use a tv wall mount and flat panel TV to display mesmerizing graphic animations. Slow-motion water droplets, dancing flames and abstract designs will look especially stunning with the extra resolution of 4K. You can also use your TV as a high-visibility menu display board. Set up your TV to alternate menu views with food images, and customers will be drawn to succulent-looking images of high-margin entrees and cocktails featured in vivid 4k definition. For a more casual or family restaurant setting, TVs can be a form of interactive customer entertainment, with onscreen trivia contests keeping people's minds off a long wait to get in, empty water glass or late entree.


Keeping customers distracted and entertained is not just for restaurants and bars; any business which makes its customers wait from time to time benefits from having a 4K HDTV on premises. If a customer walks into your beauty salon while you're occupied, a popular soap opera onscreen can keep them from walking out as you tidy up floor sweepings and sanitize your clippers. Children, especially, get antsy when there's nothing to do, which is why pediatricians and family practitioners should place a 4K HDTV to show cartoons in the waiting room; a quietly occupied kid equals a satisfied parent who's likely to return to your practice. Invest in a 4K TV for your small business and start building up that loyal customer base today.


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