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Buying Fine Jewelry for Men


Fine jewelry isn't just for women. Men can enjoy the same sleek style of wearing jewelry, whether it's rings, bracelets, chains or watches. While some men may not wear any jewelry at all, there are men that do enjoy jewelry. Jewelry for men doesn't necessarily have to be necklaces and rings though. Watches, whether they're dress, casual or sport watches, are considered to be jewelry and a classic gift for men. How to buy men's jewelry is a concern for both men and those buying jewelry as a gift for men. If you're a man buying yourself jewelry, or if you're a loved one or significant other, answer these questions when asking yourself what jewelry to buy for guys:  Does he wear jewelry? If so, what color jewelry metal does he wear?

Tips for buying men jewelry

Think of his sense of style: Does he wear silver, gold or black? Have you noticed if he wears any bracelets or chains? Does he have a watch for everyday but not a watch for special occasions, or vice versa? Think of what he needs when you're buying jewelry for him, or for yourself, for that matter. Keep in mind there are four things you need to remember when buying jewelry for guys: color, metal, simplicity and price.


Like women, men have a preference in color and metal. From sterling silver to black gold and more, men have an idea of what color jewelry they like. Yellow gold is warmer color and goes well with earthy tones and deeper shades of blue and green; however, silver and silver-colored metals are great neutrals in gray-tones. The color of jewelry may also depend on the metal type of his jewelry, so choices in color may be predetermined. That shouldn't discourage you to buy the type of jewelry you want for your man though. You know his sense of style, so choosing a color and metal should be the easier parts.


The simplicity, or rather the flashiness, of men's jewelry is probably a more difficult decision. Once you've decided on metal and color, the next thing to consider is size in appearance. Chunky chains and large rings will make their presence known, so for men who want to be more subtle about their accessories should go for something thinner or more neutral to his style. Precious stones and diamonds should usually be avoided if he's not the type to flaunt flashy jewelry, like rings. It may feel gaudy to a guy who prefers simple, subtle jewelry to have gemstones on his rings or watch.


In the end, it all comes down to price. Of course men will say they are content with whatever jewelry gift you buy them; however, when men go shopping for jewelry for themselves, they should have a price range in mind.  Fine jewelry usually means higher budgets, but when you choose affordable metals or sleeker looking jewelry without gemstones or diamonds, you're guaranteed to find a better suited price for men's jewelry gifts. Keep in mind prices depends on the type of jewelry you buy men too.


While you may think of jewelry as rings, chains and bracelets, men's jewelry can include accessories like cufflinks, tie bars, belt buckles and watches. While men think buying jewelry for women is hard, women can make a similar claim about buying jewelry for him. When you walk up to the jewelry counter to start your search, be sure to have the basics in mind: color, metal, style and price. When you have these criteria determined, you should be able to find something that even the man who doesn't wear much jewelry can appreciate. 

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