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Chest freezer vs. an upright freezer

Chest Freezer

If your kitchen freezer is packed with food and preserved items, you may be getting a little frustrated. It can be a hassle when frozen items don’t fit in the freezer compartment. Instead of rushing to eat things, consider investing in a separate, designated freezer that will keep your bulk frozen items cold and free up your regular freezer space for the week’s meals. Simply decide if you prefer a chest freezer or an upright freezer.

Chest freezer advantages

Chest freezers make great deep freezers because they are the best at keeping things cold at steady temperatures over long periods of time. They usually fit a greater volume of food for the space and they are relatively inexpensive. Chest freezers are efficient and make perfect freezers for the garage or basement. Plus, as they are so efficient, you won’t have to worry about as much freezer burn as you do with your kitchen freezer.


Chest freezer disadvantages

The main drawback to chest freezers has to do with organization. Essentially, you will stack a lot of food items into your chest freezer and there is always the fear that you will forget about a food item buried at the bottom. Of course, a good freezer inventory record should help you keep track of all your frozen food items so that nothing gets lost forever. Many chest freezers also have defrost settings that raise and lower the temperature of the freezer to keep frost and ice from building up. If you don’t want your food to change temperature at all, then you will want to disable this setting or choose a freezer without this option. On the other hand, the defrost program can save you a lot of time and effort, since you won’t have to defrost your freezer manually every year.

Upright freezer advantages

Upright freezers look like refrigerators because they stand up and have a door for easy access. These models are easier to organize than chest freezers since they break up the space with shelves and drawers. You do sacrifice some workable storage space for this organization, but it is helpful when you need to see exactly what your food stock looks like. Plus, upright freezers allow easy access to your food at any time.


Upright freezer disadvantages

Since you will probably open the door and get into your upright freezer more than you would a deep freezer like a chest model, upright models don’t maintain temperature quite as easily. If you plan to deep-freeze your food items, an upright freezer is not the tool for you. Many uprights also do not come with a defrost setting, so look for a model that has one, or be aware that you will have to regularly defrost your machine.

upright freezer

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