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Choosing Warm Slippers for the Family

When the weather cools down, staying warm becomes a priority. Inside the house, you may find your floor is cold, regardless of the temperature on the thermostat. With warm slippers for the family, you'll all be comfortable and cozy with toasty feet. When you're shopping for slippers, you have several options to consider. From the design and patters to the fabric and style, you can find just the right slippers for everyone in your family. 


Kids' slippers

Your kids will love the fun styles of kids' slippers available this season. With boys' slippers, you'll find character slippers like Flash McQueen, Batman and Jake the Pirate along with your other favorite. For boys who love pirates, you can choose from a variety of skull and cross bone slippers, including scuff slippers and slipper boots. Fuzzy animal slippers, like monkeys, pups and bears are perfect for toddlers with favorite animals while loafer slippers and moccasins are perfect for older boys who want to look like Dad.


Little girls will feel like princesses when they wear their favorite pair of ballet style slippers or pink fuzzy slippers that offer the ultimate in feminine luxury. You'll also find fun cozy slippers for girls with cuddly animal shapes, girly symbols, like hearts and tiaras, and other fun styles. Celebrate her favorite book, cartoon and TV show characters from Disney princesses to Minnie Mouse and more.


Slippers for adults

When you're stocking up on slippers for the family, you can't forget Mom and Dad. You'll find women's and men's slippers in comfortable styles designed to keep your feet warm and cozy. For men, you can find suede moccasin slippers with faux fur lining that look as stylish as they are comfy.  Scuff slippers and other styles are easy for men to slide into, and you can even find styles with open toes.  Some men prefer house shoes with a more durable rubber sole to improve traction, and there are plenty of styles to choose from in that department as well.


Women's slippers come in a variety of styles that offer a feminine look with a comfort that can't be beat. Whether you're looking for colorful booties to wear around the house or a pair of open toe house slippers, you can have stylish and cozy slippers that look as good as they feel. You can choose fun and fuzzy slippers in your favorite colors and prints, or simple classic styles in stands designs and modest colors. Open toe thong slippers are great for bare feet, while some styles with comfortably fit over your socks for the ultimate warmth. Grown-ups can even find fun animal styles and character designs, just like the kids for all of the children-at-heart.


Keep your floors clean with a no-shoe policy

It's not uncommon to have a no-shoe policy in your home. Your kids can leave their shoes at the door and put on their favorite pair of boots for juniors, girls and boys to keep warm. There are many benefits to a no-shoe policy in your home. Everyone will always know where their shoes are, and save valuable time when leaving the house, because they'll always be at the front door.  Of course, your floors will stay much cleaner, as well. Without tracking in dirt throughout your home, you can preserve carpet longer, and keep hard tile and wood floors in better condition. 


If you don't like guests wearing their shoes in your home, you may want to provide cozy slippers for them to slide into when they're visiting your home. With several easily washable pairs of men's and women's slippers, your guests will be comfortable and your home will stay clean.


Whether you're wearing slippers to keep warm or just keep shoes at the door, you'll love the styles of cozy and warm slippers this season. From cartoon characters for kids to fuzzy slip-ons for Mom and Dad, there are fun and comfy slipper styles for the whole family.

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