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Different Types of Men's Work Boots

When people think of boots they instantly think of either cowboy boots or work boots. What people forget is that there are other boots besides the typical tan work boots seen on construction sites. In fact, there are different types of boots that men can wear either casually or to work, wherever work may take them. Different styles of men's boots range from work, hiking, motorcycle, western, and dress boots; however, for the man who is out on work sites or any rough work environment that requires protective footwear, there are different types of work boots he should consider before buying any pair of boots.


Different styles of men's boots

Safety or steel toe boots

Steel toe boots are specifically designed to protect the feet with a steel cap built into the toe area. The additional reinforcement in the toe shields the foot from any falling or dropped items that can inevitably happen on any work site. Steel-toe boots usually have a mid-sole plate to protect feet from anything entering from the bottom of the boot, so men can get overall protection while they're working. Instead of a steel cap, there are some safety-toe boots have a composite reinforcement cap that isn't as heavy as steel but still protects against injury. One of the main differences between steel-toe or composite-toe boots is that the composite cap retains heat better than a steel cap; if this is a concern for the workplace especially for cooler seasons or hours of the day, consider composite safety toe boots to retain heat.


Soft toe boots

Just as the name suggests, soft toe boots don't have a reinforced cap at the boot's toe. Just because soft toe boots don't have a steel toe cap doesn't make them any less of a work boot or not as protective. Not all men require the steel toe cap in the workplace and soft toe boots make each step lighter but tougher. Look for waterproof, slip-resistant or casual boots for men that are also soft toe.


Waterproof boots

Waterproof boots are water-resistant, meaning they'll keep feet dry when working outside. The ground may be moist or it may start raining at the site, but the work still needs to get done. Waterproof boots have been treated to withstand mud, water and any other wet element that might otherwise penetrate the boot with sealed construction. These boots are usually leather-made and are also slip resistant. Maintain the water resistance on your boots with waterproofing compounds or seals.


Slip resistant boots

Workers are injured from slips and falls due to poor traction, so if you're working in dirt, mud, gravel or anywhere else with uneven terrain, slip resistant boots are the best type of work boots for men. Special soles provide traction on wet or oily floors so men working in any construction or outdoor work site can stand their ground without fear. The rubber outsoles are designed to grip the ground and keep your firmly on your feet.


Insulated boots

Perfect for winter or cold-weather jobs, insulated work boots are lined with thicker fabric to keep your feet warm. Especially when you're working during colder seasons or cooler times of the day, it's important to make sure you can feel your hands and feet. Steel-toe boots retain heat, however, still look for thick winter-type boots that have the steel toe cap for insulation.


Casual work boots

Some men are unsure with how casual work boots can play a role in their daily lives. They wonder, can men wear boots to the office or during a casual hangout? This depends on the office setting and the boot itself, there is some leniency when casual work boots for men can be worn. All boots come above the ankle, even dress boots. So when worn under a suit or jeans, the pant leg will cover the boot's short shaft. Casual work boots for men in suede are great neutrals since they won't overpower an outfit like leather boots might. Keep in mind there are still different styles of men's boots, like chukka and Chelsea styles.


All work boots, regardless if there is a steel cap or not, are meant to protect and provide traction on different terrains. While casual work boots or dress boots are more stylish than the typical work boot, they still provide the durability and reliability men need in the workplace. Regardless if he wears workwear uniforms or suits, men's can choose from a variety of different types of work boots to get the job done.

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