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Do I Need A Water Filter?

Water Filter

Whether you're remodeling your home or moving into a new house, there may be several upgrades to consider. One system-wide update change you may wish to add is a water filtration system. Why use a water filter? No matter whether you have city water or well water, you will likely discover that your water supply is filled with contaminants and other matter that affect the flavor and health of your water. A water filter can make your water pure and refreshing once again. While a food grade rainwater collection system will likely give you the purest water, rain still contains many pollutants that can alter the flavor and quality of your water, which is why a water filter is essential in any situation.


City Water

If you have city water that comes from a municipal source, your water probably contains a fair amount of chlorine, which can make it smell a little bit like a swimming pool. The chlorine is essential for getting rid of harmful bacteria, but it can be harmful in large amounts. Likewise, many city water sources contain mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium that can clog your pipes. A water filtration and softener system will cleanse your water for safe and tasty home use.

Country Water

If you live in the country, you may use water from a well or spring. While chemical treatments can help make your water safe for human consumption, they can leave your water tasting funky. In addition, country water often contains naturally occurring contaminants like arsenic as well as nitrates from fertilizer run-off. A good filter will take care of all these issues, keeping your water clean and clear for any use.



Basic water filtration systems are fairly cost-effective to purchase and install. Maintenance requirements usually consist of changing the filter every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, and checking periodically to ensure the system is clear of clogs. With a small investment of both time and money, you can have water that’s safe to drink and soft enough to dispense from all the fixtures in your home. A good water filter is essential for clean drinking and cooking water.


Is It Right For Me?

If you have a tap filter or a filtered pitcher for your water, you may not think you need a full water filtration system for your drinking water. However, deposits and chemicals can still wear on your plumbing over time, which is why a water filter is necessary for any home. You can rest easy knowing your water will be sparkling clean for years to come.


Water Filter

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