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Summer Shoes for Women

When you're gearing up for summer or vacation, you want to have everything you need to enjoy your time in the sun. There's nothing like a great pair of summery sandals or light, casual shoes to complete any warm weather outfit. From the beach to the track, you'll find the best shoes for this season along with classic styles to last for many summers to come.

The best summer shoes for women

Gladiator sandals are trending heavily right now. These strappy flaps are flirty, fun and perfect for any summer outfit! Whether you prefer a heel or a flat shoe, you can find fabulous summer sandals to suit your needs. Everyone loves flip flops, but more often than not, you'll find yourself in need of a more supportive shoe. Women's sandals that offer arch support and a back strap are exactly what you need for running all of your errands, taking the kids to the park or heading into work.


Of course, sandals aren't the only shoes for summer. Casual shoes like wedges, flats and fashion sneakers are a great accessory for any summer outfit. If you're hitting the pavement for a long walk, a jog or a run, you want an airy pair of sneakers that keep your feet cool and dry while providing the support you need for your workout. For a day of shopping or hanging out with friends, a pair of comfortable flats is exactly what you need. You can find fun embellished styles designed to match and accessories your favorite outfits.

The best beach shoes for women

Heading to the beach is always a great start to the day. When you've got the right shoes, you'll have an even better day. For those days lounging ocean-side in the sun, there's nothing like an easy pair of flip flops to slide in and out of. You'll have the feel of the sand between your toes without burning the bottom of your feet in the hot sand. They'll also clean easily, so you don't bring the sand everywhere you go once you leave the beach.


If you're planning on walking for long stretches, you want to make sure that you have a pair of shoes that offer support and breathability. A pair of athletic water shoes are perfect for a beach workout, and they travel from the dry sand to the water easily. With rapid drying because of their airy nature, you can get them wet and have dry shoes quickly. If you're not planning on getting too close to the water, you can choose standard athletic shoes, as well, for the comfort and support that you're used to.

The best shoes for vacation

You're finally ready for that much needed vacation, and you need to bring the best shoes for your trip with limited packing space. It's best to bring 2-3 different pairs of shoes to avoid blisters from walking in the same shoes for too long and to fit every occasion. A pair of cute walking sandals from Wearever offers a great day to night transition. You can easily pair them with jeans and a tee shirt for the afternoon and dress them up with a skirt for your evening plans. If you're going to be doing a lot of walking and tourism on your trip, you'll definitely want to have a great pair of athletic shoes that provide the comfort and walkability that you need.  A pair of beach shoes for women that are easy to slide into can be perfect for lazy poolside or beach days.


Wherever you go, whether it's staying around the house for the summer or jetting off to a tropical vacation, you want to have comfortable shoes that look and feel great. Different occasions call for different pairs of shoes, and knowing the best summer shoes for women will help you make educated decisions and buy the shoes that work best for you. Strut your stuff in style with the right shoes for vacation and summer.

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