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Sandals for Girls and Boys

Whether you live in a warm climate area or summer is here and you're ready to enjoy the sunny weather with your kids, looking for the right footwear is important. Rather than keeping your feet cooped up in a pair of casual shoes or boots, let your toes breathe. Kids, especially little girls, won't want to keep their feet in sneakers; instead, they'll want to show off their fun-colored pedicures that look like mom's. Summertime and warmer temperatures mean shorts, tank tops and lazy days by the pool; these lighter layers mean lighter fabric shoes and sandals for everyone in the family. Make sure you know what to look for in kids' sandals before you go shopping. Girls' sandals are vastly different than boys' sandals, and how you approach shopping for them is equally different. 

What to look for in kids' sandals


While toddlers may be able to walk around on their own, they may still be a little shaky on their feet. Picking the cutest pair of sandals for your little one may be your initial instinct, but kids' sandals need to be practical. Plastic sandals or wedges are great fashion pieces for older girls, juniors and women, but toddlers girls' shoes need to provide more support and mold to the shape of little girls' feet. Hard leather or rubber soles are perfect for the new walkers in your house, providing them stability as they stand. For the little tykes who are still learning how to maneuver while standing up, close-toe sandals will protect their toes from being stubbed or hurt when things fall. With kids' shoes, regardless of age, make sure there's a fingers worth of space between their toes and the end of the shoes. Since kids' feet grow quickly, you want to make sure they can wear shoes for a few months at a time before it's time to move up in size.


Avoid buying babies any type of footwear unless it's slippers with soft soles. Since they don't do any walking, it's imperative that their feet aren't constricted in shoes or footwear so they can grow and develop straight rather than shaped by shoes.


Preschoolers and kindergarteners

Once your child has reached the age to attend school, their feet can handle open-toe sandals. Children at this age should have better balance than toddlers, even though they will experience their own spills and tumbles. Before you stick your kids' feet in a pair of flip-flops, consider getting them sandals with closing straps. Boys' sandals more often than not have Velcro straps for easy access, so he can quickly put them on when he's ready to play in the park. Many girls' sandals have buckles that strap behind the ankles rather than use Velcro. Not only are buckles better for style, but they are more likely to keep your little ones' sandals on their equally little feet. Fashion and function come together for kids of around this age. Kids' feet will get the proper protection, functionality and cushioning of shoes that accommodate their still growing feet while offering adorable styles that won't clash with their budding sense of style.


Grade schoolers

At about this age, kids have the option of buying sandals that will make them look like mini-fashionistas or remain in the realm of youthfulness. Boys have an easy option, as their footwear usually always revolves around comfort over style, while girls have much more to consider, including fabric, style and embellishments. Girls have the option of choosing from gladiator sandals, t-strap sandals, slip-on and flip-flops as either flat sandals or wedges. Not all young girls are ready, or maybe even allowed, to wear wedges or heeled shoes until a certain age, but for those who can, it's important they are careful not to trip or twist their ankles. There are equally adorable flat summer sandals for girls that have rhinestones or flowers at a kid-friendly height. Flat sandals allow girls, and boys, to run around and enjoy themselves rather than worrying about tripping or losing balance, or at least not as much. Know your child's capability before buying them wedged sandals.


Kids are notoriously picky and squirmy, especially when shoe shopping; they'd rather be anywhere else than shoving their feet in a number of pair of shoes or sandals. There are basic tips for buying sandals for kids easier aren't a secret, as some parents might think. Like shoes, if sandals are tight anywhere, whether it's the toe or the heel, they will cause discomfort, as will shoes that are too loose. Your kids' feet still have room to grow, so it's better not to buy shoes that either fit perfectly or seem too big. Never give your younger children secondhand or hand-me-down shoes as shoes usually mold and conform to pressure points and arches in feet. Passing one kid's shoes down to another will be uncomfortable for the little one since they're conformed to the older sibling's feet. The concept of breaking in a pair usually applies for adults, but kids' feet are sensitive and need to feel comfortable immediately. Your son or daughter will, of course, let you know whether or not sandals feel right; they'll want a say in how their footwear looks and feels, since these sandals will be decorating their feet this summer.

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