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Get protection with the best tablet case

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When it comes to tablets, perhaps there is no accessory more essential than a tablet cover. The tablet cover has a multifunctional purpose; it keeps your tablet protected from bumps and bruises during everyday use and it helps you add a little personal flavor to your device. You can choose from many different styles to help make your tablet stand out from the crowd while giving it the protection it needs. Whether you choose a hard cover, a soft cover or a protective sleeve, you will be securing your investment so that you always have entertainment on the go.  


As you choose your cover, you will need to consider your lifestyle first. If you keep to the house and have a special location just for your electronics, you may not need a heavy-duty tablet cover. On the other hand, if you take your tablet with you wherever you go, you need to protect it from the bumps on the subway and the abuse of all the other items cluttered in your laptop bag. If your house is full of dirty little fingers, you may also want to consider a screen protector, while that may be less of a priority if you plan to only have adults using it. Your lifestyle will choose the basic type of tablet cover you buy, while your personal preferences will dictate the design and style.


The most basic tablet cover you can buy is simply a screen protector. This is a clear plastic-like material that adheres to your screen and protects it from scratches and greasy fingers. Basic screen protectors are very affordable, but you can opt for some premium covers that help reduce glare and add a little extra thickness for greater protection. Plus, they are easy to replace; if they get scratched or stained, just peel it off and apply a new one.


If you want a little more coverage while travelling but still want to keep your protection down to the basics, then you won't need much more than a sleeve. Sleeve cases can be made out of fabric or neoprene, but they key is to find something that offers a little bit of padding to protect against bumps and jolts. Quilted sleeves are both stylish and practical, since they offer the combination padding and protection.  


If you want to protect your tablet as you use it, then you will want a cover that stays attached even as you surf the web and watch movies. These wraparound tablet covers come in both soft and hard shell varieties. The hard shell is your strongest protection against outside accidents, and may be your best bet if you have a habit of dropping things. While hard-shell covers are very practical, they typically do not come in as many designs or colors, so you will have to find other ways to personalize your tablet if you choose this option. Soft-shell covers offer a fair amount of protection and come in many stylish designs as well. Depending on the brand and size of tablet you own, you can find tablet covers in all sorts of patterns, colors and designer options. Not only do these covers help you pick your tablet out in a crowd, but also they keep it protected while showing your sense of personal style.        


The closure for your tablet cover may be as important as the cover material itself. A secure closure means that your tablet cover won't fly open in a storm or break open when it tumbles out of your hands. On the other hand, you want a closure that is easy to open when it is time to put that tablet to good use. Some closure options, like the button-and-elastic style, offer something fashionable and practical at the same time. A magnet closure keeps your tablet shut; some covers even wake your tablet up as you open them, meaning that you won't have to push any buttons to get things up and running.


Pick the right tablet cover at Sears, where you will find several quality tablet covers to fit a variety of makes and models. With affordable prices and a selection of tablet covers that offer the best in protection, we have exactly what you need to keep your device as good as new for years to come. Protect your investment and take it with wherever the road may lead you!

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