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Great Non-Food Uses for Your Crock-Pot


If you own a Crock-Pot, then you know how wonderful a slow cooker can be for any kitchen. Crock-Pot meals require very little supervision or work so that you can focus on the important things in life. However, a slow cooker is useful outside the realm of the kitchen as well. Why not let your Crock-Pot work for you in crafting, home projects and more? With a little know-how, you can use your slow cooker like a pro outside of the kitchen as well.

Melting Pot

Think about last winter's fondue or this sport season's spinach dip: Crock-Pots are really great at melting materials and keeping them warm. A lot of your crafts require perfectly melted items as well, which is where the Crock-Pot can be a really useful tool. For example:


  • Candle making becomes a breeze when you fire up the slow cooker and let it melt your wax to perfection. Take your time dipping the wick instead of rushing before the wax gets cold. Since the slow cooker stays at a constant temperature, you won't constantly have to check and adjust the heat settings, which means your candles will look smooth and lovely every time.


  • You can also use your Crock-Pot to melt crayon wax for kids' crafts as well. Homemade crayons make great party favors and school supplies, and they are relatively easy to make. All you have to do is break up some old crayons and melt them down. If you want to mix a lot of colors at once, just get them melted until they are gooey and then unplug the slow cooker. When the wax is dry, you should be able to cut out the chunks with a knife. Alternatively, you can liquefy single colors and pour them into muffin tins or molds for more uniform shapes.


  • The heat of a Crock-Pot is also great for dying crafts. Since the dye stays hot, you know it will soak in easily to yarn and cloth and set well. You can even use Kool-aid in the Crock-Pot since it will activate the color as it gets hot. This is a simple and easy way to tie dye as well, since the outside of the slow cooker stays cool enough for you to dip shirts, bandanas and more in and out of the dye with less risk of burning than if you did it over the stove.


  • The slow cooker is great for heating up other crafting essentials like homemade play dough. Instead of destroying a skillet, why not make your clay in an easy-to-clean device that maintains a constant low temperature perfect for getting the dough consistency you need.


  • Home projects also get a boost with the assistance of a Crock-Pot. Most notably, you can use your slow cooker to strip paint off of hardware and other items that need a little cleaning in your home. Put your old hinges and doorknobs in the pot, cover them with a water and laundry detergent solution and let your slow cooker heat the paint off over the course of several hours. The slow and consistent heat gently lifts the paint off of many surfaces.


  • You can also add water, herbs and essential oils into your Crock-Pot and leave it on throughout the day to make a natural air freshener that smells great.


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