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Tips That Make Using Your Mixer a Breeze

Using a Mixer

A stand-up mixer can make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen. After all, these machines are sturdy enough to handle the toughest batter and you don't have to hover over the machine the whole time it's working, which means you can spend more time assembling other components of your dish. As with any machine, there is still a bit of a learning curve when it comes to stand mixers, but these tips will help make the transition a little bit easier so you can get back to baking.


Cover Your Assets

When you had a hand mixer, you could control the action of the mixer to keep splashes and flying dust to a minimum. However, the stand mixer moves of its own accord, which means some recipes can get a little bit messy. Instead of hovering by the machine to tidy up, cut a hole in a kitchen towel and slide it on the mixer attachment, covering the bowl. As your mixer spins, the towel will stay in place and prevent a pile of dust from covering your counters. If you want to prevent splashes, purchase a plastic lid and cut a hole in it to slide over your attachment. With a lid that fits securely on your bowl, you will minimize splashes and save time on cleanup.


Timing is Everything

One of the greatest things about your stand mixer is that you can place your batter in the bowl and then walk away as your machine does the work. However, it can be easy to lose track of time as you are working on other parts of your recipe, which is why it is a good idea to invest in a kitchen timer. If you use a timer with your mixer, you won't have to keep an eye on the clock the whole time and you can work easily until time is up.


Click and Drag

Stand mixers are pretty sturdy, but they are heavy and hard to move around your kitchen. You may wish to move them to various locations on your counter for storage or for different recipes, but it can be hard. You can place your mixer on a towel and pull the mixer around on the towel when you want it to move, though you will have to periodically clean the towel. For easier movement, consider replacing the rubber feet with marbles. The marbles are sturdy enough to keep the mixer steady, but smooth enough to allow you to move it easily when you want to. If you find this is too loose, you can always put a non-slip pad underneath your mixer.


Don't forget about attachments as you use your mixer. One of the easiest solutions to recipe problems can be using the right attachment for the job. There are many attachments available for stand mixers, from cookie paddles to dough hooks to pasta makers, which means you can get it right every time. With a  few simple tips in mind, you can make your stand mixer work for you to ensure you end up with delicious homemade dishes every time.

jUsing a Mixer

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