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How To Balance A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Over time, your ceiling fan may begin to loosen and wobble. If you’re worried that your fan is moments away from falling, it’s probably time to balance it. Balancing a ceiling fan is a simple process that should only take a few minutes. You can fine tune and calibrate your work so that your fan runs like a dream.


Gather Your Supplies

To balance your ceiling fan, gather the following supplies:


  • A ladder tall enough to reach your fan


  • Your ceiling fan owner’s manual or a map of the component parts


  • A screwdriver that fits the screws on your fan and/or


  • A wrench sized to fit the bolts on your fan


Check Your Motor

Check the motor to make sure there are no loose parts and the internal workings are properly lubricated. A faulty motor is not usually the cause of a wobbly fan, but it’s always good to check the working parts before you begin to balance the blades.



Tighten Screws And Bolts

Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and bolts on your fan. It’s normal for these items to wiggle loose over time, and all they need is a quick twist from a hand tool to position them back in place. Make sure to tighten all parts well and with even precision. Apply enough pressure to get them tight without stripping the components.


Test And Calibrate

Sometimes, simply tightening the screws and bolts will be enough to get your ceiling fan running smoothly again. Other times, you may need to do some additional calibration. This can be done with a weight set or balancing kit. Attach the weights to the blades as described in the kit or in your weight set instructions. It may take some trial and error to determine the faulty blades and the precise weight needed for each one.


Balancing your ceiling fan is easy when you have the right tools at hand. In an afternoon, you can fix your wobbly fan; you may not need to do more than tighten up a few loose parts. If wobbliness continues, a balancing kit or weights will get your fan back on track so you can enjoy cool air circulation whenever you need it.


Ceiling Fan

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