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How to Buy a Box Spring

How to Buy a Box Spring

When you buy a new mattress for your bed, it's a good possibility that the mattress will come with a matching box spring. Of course, you may be asking yourself if you need a box spring. With options like slats instead of a full box spring and bed frames designed to withstand the shock of a mattress without a box spring, you may not need one. Of course, there are many benefits of using the box spring under your mattress.


Do you need a box spring?

Most mattresses are designed to last longer when resting on a supportive box spring that prevents your mattress from sinking and sagging. The purpose of a box spring is to provide your new mattress with adequate support and shock-resistance so that your mattress stays like-new for years to come. While you may not need a box spring, they offer more benefits than deterrents. Luckily, most mattresses are offered with a box spring, so when you purchase your new mattress, you'll get a bundle set or you can add a matching box spring for a nominal fee.

Box spring vs. slats

When you have the option to use a bed with wooden slats or a box spring, you'll find that both are fully capable of supporting your mattress and the body or bodies that sleep atop it. Of course, personal preference has a lot to do with which you choose. You'll find commentary from both camps offering reasons to choose one over the other, but in the end, it comes down to the life of the mattress, purpose and aesthetic appeal. A box spring offers a taller height, making the bed easier for people who have difficulty bending down, or standing up in the morning. Slats keep the bed lower to the floor for small children or people with shorter legs, who may have trouble climbing onto a tall bed.  In the end, box springs are designed to add to the life of your mattress, offering long term benefits that are hard to beat.


How to buy a box spring

When you buy a new mattress, you can often get a matching box spring as part of the bundle. If you buy your mattress on its own, you can add on a matching box spring for a reasonable cost. With that nominal fee, a box spring can add years to the extended life of your mattress. Either way, it's best to invest in a new box spring to pair with your new mattress.  You don't want to rest your cozy new mattress atop an older box spring, as it may detract from the benefits.


If you need to replace a box spring for an older mattress that is still in good condition, you want to make sure that you find one that is the same size as your mattress in order to maximize the benefits. If you have a queen size bed, it's important that you have a queen size box spring.  The height of a box spring doesn't affect sleeping and support, but it can affect how tall your bed is, making it difficult to crawl into bed at night.


Buying a mattress without a box spring is like buying a taco without the shell. It works; it's just not optimal for everyone. When you invest in a new mattress, you want to make sure that you can preserve it for years to come with a matching box spring. More than just a decorative accent, box springs provide additional support, shock resistance and height to your bed. Optimize your sleep space with a supportive box spring under your mattress.

How to Buy a Box Spring

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