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Downdraft vent vs. a range hood

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Range hoods are important for making sure cooking smoke, steam and odors have someplace to go other than your living room. However, range hoods are bulky, which can be less than ideal in small kitchens. Alternatives are available. Downdraft or pop-up vents slide up behind or beside your stove at the touch of a button. Flush downdraft vents take care of the air right from your cook top. But these alternative ventilation options offer different levels of power and efficiency than range hoods, so it is important to match your vent to your space-saving and ventilation power needs.

Range hood advantages

The traditional range hood is an affordable option for your kitchen. Though it does take up more space than other models, you can get more power and efficiency out of these hoods. But if you are cramped for cabinet space, you may want to look at other options. Also take your cooking habits into account. If you eat a lot of meals out or you prefer microwave dinners, then you may not need a bulky range hood. On the other hand, if you love making sauces and frying foods in a skillet, you will want a powerful venting system to keep the air breathable and odor-free, as well as to protect the cabinets and walls of your kitchen from smoke or moisture.


Pop-up vent advantages

Pop-up vents are great for unique kitchen configurations and light stovetop cooking. When you need cabinet space and a clean and tidy look, this is the option for you. Most pop-up downdraft vents are fairly effective, and they don’t take up nearly as much space as a range hood. They are especially helpful for island cook tops, since drop-down hoods can be pricey. If you do an average amount of stovetop work, pop-up vents should be able to handle the smoke and steam, though lots of messy stovetop work may require a range hood instead.


Flush downdraft vent advantages

Flush downdraft vents sit even with your cook top and actually draw the smoke down and away from your cooking area instead of up. Since they are working against the laws of physics, flush downdraft vents are not a good fit for avid chefs, but they will work if you only do basic cooking on the stove. Flush vents take up very little space; and all you have to do to get them running is flick a switch. Whether you are installing them in an island or a tight galley kitchen, these vents can be helpful when you need extra kitchen space.

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