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How to Iron Dress Pants

dress pants

A sharp outfit makes all the difference in an interview or when you want to make a great first impression on a date. Even bargain-priced suits can look like designer quality when you press them nicely. A nicely ironed pair of dress pants looks great and shows others that you pay attention to all the details. However, pants can be tricky since you have to get the crease perfect and make sure you get a clean look from waistband to hemline. The right tools and a solid technique can help you achieve a perfect, wrinkle-free style every time.


Step 1: Prep work


Begin your ironing adventure by assembling everything you need together in one location. You will need an iron as well as a sturdy stand-up ironing board. While you can use the steam setting on your iron, it is more practical to fill a spray bottle with clean drinking water and mist your clothes instead. Do not use tap water, which may contain particulates that can leave a residue on your iron. A press cloth is important if you're ironing pants made from delicate fabrics. Finally, you may want starch if you prefer your look to be extra crisp, though simply ironing should do the trick.


Step 2: Consult your label

Next, read the label on your pants. How you iron will depend largely on the makeup of your fabric. Delicates like silk should be ironed using a press cloth and low heat to protect the fabric. Sturdier fabrics like cotton and linen blends usually require high heat to eliminate wrinkles and get a crisp look. Your iron should have fabric types listed under each heat setting so that you will know exactly what to use.


Step 3: Proper technique

Ironing your pants in the proper order makes a world of difference. Start with the waistband; though it is usually covered with a belt, it is the foundation of your garment. Next, move on to the crease. Your pants should hold the crease even through a wash, but if it is completely gone, it is not hard to re-make one yourself. Fold your pants so that the pant legs match up, with the fold falling center front and center back. Press in the crease on each pant leg individually. The trick is to use a series of gentle presses rather than one long ironing motion. This way you can remove wrinkles from each section of your pant leg without creating new ones. If you find that some wrinkles are unavoidable, try to move them close to the seams, so they are hidden.


If you make a mistake and have to re-iron, let your pants hang and cool for at least half an hour before trying again. Once they have cooled, it will be easier to remove mistakes and start over. And don’t forget to use starch sparingly to avoid flaking. Whether you need a can of starch, a new set of pants or an iron that can handle any garment, Sears is the place to shop. We have everything you need for a day at the office or a night on the town at prices you can afford.


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