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How to Sew a Button on


Sewing skills aren't just for seamstresses. In fact, basic sewing skills can come in handy when you're on the road and need to look sharp for an important business meeting. Whether you're male or female, a few sewing skills can save the day. Most notably, it helps to know how to sew a button on a shirt or pair of pants in a pinch. While you can always use a safety pin or tape to hold a seam together, buttons are a little bit trickier, because they really require a needle and thread to look just right.


Evaluate your garment

First, look at the stitch pattern of your other buttons; does the thread cross over to look like an X or is it sewn on straight to look like a minus or equal sign? Copy this pattern when you sew your button back on. Next, grab your sewing kit and pull out the thread that is closest in color to the other buttons. It may not be an exact match, but it will still look better than no button at all. Thread the needle and knot both ends together at the bottom, creating a strong double thread.


The proper way to sew on a button involves a little bit more than simply running the needle through the holes in your button. You want to stitch this button on well enough that it doesn’t fall off again any time soon.


  • Start by making an anchor point on your garment. Run your thread through the fabric in the location you would like to place the button by marking the spot with an “x” in thread.


  • Once you have these two stitches in place, you will be ready to attach your button. Pass your thread through the buttonholes in a design similar to the other buttons on your garment. You want to run a few stitches through to make sure it's sturdy.


  • As you do this, place another needle or a toothpick in between your button and your garment. You might think that you want your button to sit nice and close to your jacket or shirt, but actually you need to leave a little room to make a shank, which creates space between the button and the garment to make room for the other piece of fabric that slides over the button when the garment is secured.


  • Finally, you're ready to finish your button. Make the shank by passing the needle one final time through the buttonhole and stopping before you get to the fabric. Remove your spacer and wrap the thread around the stitches in between your button and the fabric. Do this for about five or six loops, or until it all feels snug.


  • Feed your thread back through the fabric and tie it off. Clip the threads and you're done.


When it comes to looking good, nothing can give you the edge more than sewing skills when you're in a pinch. Of course, it helps to have a small sewing kit nearby. Stock up on needles, thread and more at Sears, where you will find everything you need for your sewing kit so you can stay in style at home or on the road, no matter what happens.

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