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Is Juicing Right for You?


Like any diet trend, juicing has captured the attention of just about everyone. After all, it can be hard to get the recommended dose of fruits and vegetables every day, and juicing gives you the opportunity to stock up on nutrients while you are on the go. When you make juices at home yourself, you're avoiding additives and preservatives as well as experiencing the freshest juice possible. Juice diets are lauded as healthy ways to cleanse and replenish your body without adding unneeded calories along the way. However, juicing isn't right for everyone, which is why it is important to identify your needs and see how adding some liquid fruits and veggies might fit into your lifestyle.

Why to Juice

First, ask yourself why you want to start juicing. If you want to do a short cleanse or supplement your existing diet, then you are on the right track. Juicing can help you take in more vitamins and nutrients straight from the source. While multivitamins are good for filling in the gaps, it is best to get your nutrients as straight form the source as possible. If you avoid fruits and veggies because they are messy or hard to eat, juicing can be the perfect solution, because it neatly puts everything you need into a cup. Plus, breakfasts are easy when you add fruits and yogurt into a blender; you will have a healthy, protein-filled meal that you can take with you on even the most hectic mornings. Juicing can also be great for short two or three day cleanses, since they will fill you up and still provide some beneficial calories and nutrients.


What to Know

Be wary of all-juice diets, since your body still needs regular protein and complex carbohydrates to function. Too much of a good thing can still be too much. In addition, juicing breaks down fibers in fruits and vegetables, which is an essential part of any diet for good digestion. If you can, try to mix juicing evenly with whole fruits and vegetables so you still get plenty of fiber in addition to your vitamins and minerals. If you have to stick with a liquid diet, then add in sources of protein like yogurt or nuts into your juices so that you are adding a little extra nutrition to your meals.

Getting Started

Once you have decided that juicing is right for you, the sky is the limit. You can basically combine any fruits and vegetables you like into different juice combinations. Surf the Web to find some great juicing recipes, or get creative and invent a few of your own. Since there are endless combinations, you will never get bored with your selection of juicing choices.


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