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Kids' Mattresses for Growing Bodies

Kids' Mattresses: Get Proper Sleeping Support for Growing Bodies

Everyone has had the experience of sleeping on a subpar mattress and waking up with aches and pains. While this is merely irritating and annoying for adults, it can be much more serious for young kids. Children's bodies are still growing, meaning that sleeping on a bad mattress night after night can be detrimental to long term health and development. In particular, posture problems later in life are common if kids are waking up sore and cramped day after day.


It's not just about health problems either; getting the right mattress for your kids is essential to making sure they do well in school. After, kids can't learn, apply, absorb and remember information when they don't have the energy that comes from a great night's sleep. Luckily, it's not difficult to avoid these problems and give your kids the restful sleep they deserve; just keep in mind that the decision of which kids' mattress to buy will have a few  different decision factors than buying an adult mattress.

What to look for in a children's mattress

First of all, you should choose a support system for your kids' mattress. Stay away from more exotic options like water beds and air mattresses; these types are more susceptible to damage and are a sure temptation for rowdy kids to jump and play. Stick with traditional innerspring mattresses as they offer the best combination of support and durability. When buying an innerspring mattress for kids, invest a bit more and bring home an innerspring pocket coil model. Unlike the cheaper innerspring open coil models, pocket coil mattresses have each of the springs separately wrapped in fabric, allowing them to move more independently. This helps the mattress conform to individual body types better, a big plus for supporting growing bodies.


The other main consideration when buying a kids' mattress is firmness, and the most important deciding factor here is the age of your kids. It's common knowledge that toddler beds should have firmer mattresses in order to avoid spinal development problems, but in this case common knowledge is not necessarily correct.  Since younger kids aren't heavy enough to cause mattress deformation, they don't need to sleep on an overly firm mattress. For toddlers, comfort is more important, so get them a mattress that's soft enough to ensure them a sound sleep.


Kids' Mattresses: Get Proper Sleeping Support for Growing Bodies

Preschoolers and grade schoolers, on the other hand, do require a firmer mattress that holds its shape better. Whether you get decide on a soft or firm mattress for your kids, make sure to replace them every 3 – 4 years for proper development.


Buying a mattress for a children's bed is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Avoiding the more exotic options, sticking to an innerspring pocket coil model, deciding on an appropriate firmness level and replacing the mattress regularly will go a long way toward giving your kids great sleep during their formative years. Shop for children's mattresses at Sears to get the best selection from a large collection of trusted manufacturers.

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