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A Water Softener And A Water Filter

Water Filter

If you notice funny-tasting water in your home or hard water deposits on your faucet, consider installing a water treatment system. You may wish to use a combined system, but in some areas you might only need one type of water treatment system in order to achieve your goals. When you know your water type, you’ll be able to solve the age-old debate: water softener vs. water filter.


Water Softener

A water softener is designed to free your water of mineral deposits that can clog up pipes or create build-up on your fixtures. The most common minerals that cause these problems are:


  • Calcium


  • Magnesium


While these minerals aren’t harmful to your health, they can cause water pressure problems as they build up in pipes or at exit points on faucets. Some household cleaners may remove mineral deposits externally, but only a water softener will take care of internal plumbing. Clear pipes mean increased water pressure and easy cleaning all year long.


Water softeners are typically placed at the plumbing entry point for your home, where they neutralize or filter out minerals before they affect your interior plumbing. Minerals are typically found in hard water, so you only need a water softener if you have build-up problems or you find it hard to lather with regular soap.


Water Filter

Water filters are made to take care of the aesthetic and health concerns you may have with your water. Filters remove contaminants like chlorine, pesticides and other substances that contribute to strange odors, colors and flavors in your water.


Water filters typically come in one of two forms:


  • Carbon, which usually filters water through a tube of activated charcoal


  • Reverse osmosis, which filters water through a permeable membrane


You may need a water filter if your water smells like chemicals or has an odd color or flavor. Even tap water filtered through city water sources may taste unpalatable, although it’s usually safe to drink. Filters are also great at removing odors and colors from well water sources.


No matter what type of water treatment you choose, make sure it fits your needs perfectly. For hard water, choose a softener. If your water is soft enough but doesn’t taste right, a filter can take care of contaminants easily. If you have both problems, select a combination water treatment system that takes care of it all so you can hydrate and clean your home without a worry.


Water Filter

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