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How to choose between a tablet or laptop

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Computers used to be wired to one single location, meaning that you had to access the Internet and your word processor from the same location every time. Now, you can take your computing with you on the go, whether you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Practically speaking, you need something bigger than a phone in order to type out complex emails and stay in touch on social networks. Thus, the choice falls squarely between a tablet and a laptop. Laptops offer a lot of memory and programs to help you get work done, but tablets are easily portable and can perform many basic functions when you are on vacation or simply on the go.


Tablets give you the opportunity to check email, connect to Facebook, watch movies, listen to music and play games: all features that your laptop offers, but in a much smaller package. Since it seems we are practically always on the go, tablets can help lighten the load. They weigh a fraction of what laptops weigh and they offer many of the same basic features. Sure, you won't be writing novels or doing your accounting on your tablet, but you can use it for all the entertainment and Internet activities you enjoy in your free time. Tablets are a great way to relax on the couch at night without having to rest a heavy computer on your legs. Plus, your tablet can play movies and games with the same sound quality as a lot of laptops, which means you get the entertainment value of a laptop without the extra weight or size. Tablets are perfect when traveling, because they don't take up much space in your carry-on luggage and work well in the small amount of space you have on a plane flight.


If you simply can't live without some of your favorite laptop features, try a hybrid device. Many laptops come in small sizes with touch screens similar to those of tablets, while some tablets come with connectable keyboards, further blurring the line between simple tablet and all-out computer. A touch-screen PC lets you surf, browse and watch television with your fingertips, and if you have a swivel screen option, you can turn your entire laptop into a tablet, forgoing the keyboard all together. On the flip side, you might need a little bit better keyboard to answer work emails, so an attachable keyboard may be just the right solution for your tablet needs. You can customize your digital communication device to suit the demands of your work schedule or the desires of your free time. Don't feel pressed to choose one or the other when you can absolutely have the best of both worlds.


If you need to write documents, manage spreadsheets and edit graphics, then you will probably need the extra features of a laptop. Tablets are perfect for basic jobs, but complicated programs and large files require the extra capacity provided by a laptop. The good news is that computers continue to get smaller, which means that you will have something that is as portable and lightweight as possible when you truly need to get the job done. However, don't discount tablets; each year, new models are released that bring them closer and closer to the realm of full-blown computing.


Whether you need a tablet or a laptop, Sears can help. Our supportive online community can help you narrow down the choices to suit your needs, and then you can shop our great selection to find the perfect device for you. With tablets and laptops from quality brands at affordable prices you will love, we are your destination for digital gadgets and supplies.

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