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Don't be Late: Reasons to Buy a Watch


When shopping for gifts for men, whether it's in celebration of a birthday, anniversary or holiday, there are usually standard gifts that are given: wallets and watches. While wallets are great gifts for young men who are building up their repertoire of plastic cards and cash, watches are a timeless gift you can give to a man of any age. Watches can be given to any man in your life, whether he's your brother, boyfriend, husband, father or even your boss. Who you get a watch for depends on the occasion; for example, give your boyfriend or husband a watch for your anniversary and your brother a watch for Christmas or his birthday. Both men and women wonder what watch to buy when shopping for either themselves or someone else.

Watches as a gift

For men who don't especially like to wear jewelry, watches are a great alternative because they are functional accessories. However, some men hardly see watches as jewelry at all, but more of an appendage of their arm. Just as some women could feel naked without a hair tie around her wrist, some men feel naked without their watch. It's important when getting a watch as a gift, that you find something that has that effect on him. Even if he wears his watch for special occasions or holidays, it should feel as comfortably part of his arm and not a heavy, bulky piece of metal that tells time on his wrist.



Typically when celebrating an anniversary with a boyfriend or husband, you may have certain gifts in mind that you want to get him, something significant between the two of you. However, there are moments when either you're in a bind but know what he needs or want to follow the traditional anniversary route. In modern U.S. tradition, you should give your partner a watch for your 15th wedding anniversary. That isn't the be-all and end-all of anniversary gifts, but it would be nice to follow tradition, plus he probably needs a new watch anyway. If you're in a bind but want to get him something you know he'll use, you can either get him a new sports watch or a dressy fashion watch. Obviously, he'll choose when he wears it, but having options never hurts.



Traditionally, when a senior member of a company retires, it was proper to give him a gold watch as a gift. Buying a retirement watch should reflect the dedication and hard work this senior member put in to the team. Retirement watches should show distinction and sophistication, so casual watches are instantly disregarded in the selection. It's not the strap that defines the watch, but the face itself, so you can choose a leather-strap watch if you want for a retirement watch. The face of the watch holds the personality and the elegance, so find a watch with gemstones and diamonds or that has roman numerals or just a single gemstone to mark 12 o'clock. The watch should show the office's appreciation as well as the retiree's individual style.


When shopping watches for men, make sure you know what style and features you're looking for. Watches now include a calendar, chronograph, pedometer and more. Depending on whom you're buying a watch as a gift, the level of intricacy in the small details may matter. Sport watches for the active young or mature man in your life may not need the same level of sophistication as a dress watch which needs to be classy, timeless and match his wardrobe style. What watch to buy requires research and preference, so be sure to know what he likes before you make an investment in a watch as a gift.

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