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Tips for Buying Men's Shoes

When men go shopping, they generally have a good sense of what it is they want. Rarely do you see a man wandering the aisles browsing for shoes that he may or may not wear. That's why it's important that when men go shopping, especially shoe shopping, that they're buying the best men's shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. For the guy who doesn't like shopping, there are a few tips for buying men's shoes that will make the process quick and seamless. Whether he's shopping for men's casual shoes or men's dress shoes, men will find exactly what they need. 

How to buy men's shoes

Men don't usually own a lot of shoes; at the very least they own two or three pairs, dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes. Sometimes men find dress shoes and casual shoes to be interchangeable depending on their lifestyle and professional scenarios. Regardless, when they go shoe shopping, men want to find something attractive, durable and comfortable. Rather than wearing shoes until they fall apart, men need to be aware that the inside of their shoes are just as important, if not more, than the outside. Comfort is key to his overall appearance.


Shopping for men's dress shoes

Everyone instantly assumes that men's dress shoes instantly mean square, stuffy, uncomfortable and similar-looking oxford shoes. Since men like to get in and out of a store as fast as possible, there are a few things he should look for when buying the dreaded dress shoes for work or any important occasion. For the man who works in a professional office, consider having two pairs of dress shoes in black and a deep burgundy. Having shoes in each color can dress up or dress down an outfit in a professional manner. While black shoes go with everything, burgundy dress shoes are just as appropriate for professional and social situation.  


Color isn't the only important factor in buying men's dress shoes. Before he decides that all dress shoes should be stiff and uncomfortable, he should try on a few brands and styles that are known to provide cushioning and arch support. Lace-tie wingtip shoes or slip-on dress shoes are not the only shoes that are available. Monk-strap leather shoes have a crossover strap that usually includes a buckle and a thin nose tip; this look is classy, timeless and can work in any professional setting.


Buying men's casual shoes

Casual shoes for men go beyond loafers and boat shoes. These shoes are supposed to be men's go-to shoes heading out to the night with his date or hanging out with the guys. While some men see athletic shoes as the perfect casual shoes because they're comfortable, they may not be appropriate for the occasion. Athletic-inspired shoes are a better alternative because they are both fashionable and comfortable without the heavy appearance that men should be doing basketball drills. Casual shoes for men are the most versatile pair of shoes that men can own because they can be worn with jeans or cargo shorts, or even a suit, to create a played-down look.


Men's casual shoes range from sandals, boat shoes and loafers to athletic and fashion shoes. It all depends on his lifestyle, social and, even, professional situations. If his workplace is casual enough, he can wear loafers or boat shoes to the office with khakis or even a fresh pair of fashion athletic shoes with dark wash jeans. The opportunities are endless when it comes to wearing casual shoes when men consider their workplace, their lifestyle and their color palette when shopping.


The best part about men's shoes is that men have a general idea of what they like and what their shoe size is. He can buy men's shoes online from his favorite stores and brands without the hassle of entering a store and for the convenience of receiving exactly what he wants delivered right to his door.  How to buy men's shoes is up to the man himself, and while some men despise walking into a store, sometimes it's just easier, faster and more convenient to buy men's shoes online. Appearance, fit and purpose or occasion are just the foundation to finding the most comfortable men's shoes. Once he's decided when he'll be wearing the shoes and the look he's going for, buying shoes will be a breeze.

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