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What are the Best Shoes for School?

Besides stocking up on school supplies and new jeans for the fall, it's important that kids go into the new school year with a fresh pair of shoes, untainted from the elements left behind from the school year just past. Just as you would buy new school uniform shirts for your growing child, you should also buy new shoes for the school year, whether or not their school requires uniform. Having clean shoes shows you're ready for the start of a new year, being one grade level older higher and one year older. Whether or not they're uniform dress shoes or everyday casual or athletic shoes for kids, you'll want to make sure you get the best back to school shoes.

School uniform shoes

School uniforms are traditionally associated with private schools, but these days more and public schools are requiring them as well. Dress code can include dress pants, polo shirts and either dress shoes or uniform shoes. Boys' uniform shoes are similar to boys' dress shoes. Some schools are more relaxed in the formality of uniform shoes and only require shoes that are all black or dark brown. As long as they are not athletic shoes, but nice dressy casual shoes, they should be within uniform guidelines. Girls' uniform shoes are quite similar to girls' dress shoes as well, however, the style you'll find are more oxfords or Mary Janes, that have the single strap across the top of the foot. Many girls wear black flats with knee high socks with their skirts or jumpers to school rather than with crew cut or no-show socks. Knee high socks with a pair of flats or Mary Janes are a classic uniform look that will never go out of style, especially in a private or religious school.


Best back-to-school shoes for kids

Not all schools have a uniform, which can either be a blessing or a curse when it comes to back-to-school shopping. If this is the case, letting your son or daughter help with shoe shopping may be your best option. How to choose school shoes for children, regardless of their age, is easiest when your child also has some say in what they wear. Kids are going to be walking around all day long so it's important they have comfortable, yet fashionable, shoes to get them through the day. For boys, they'll either be sporting sneakers for an active or casual look. Whether they're athletic shoes or casual shoes, sneakers are a great choice for both boys and girls as they will provide the most support on their heels as they walk through the halls. However, girls will want to show off their sense of style and what better way that with fashion boots for girls. Whether she chooses tall riding boots or short suede booties, she'll rock whichever look she chooses.


Finding the best back-to-school shoes this fall is easy when you know where to start. If you're child has a dress code to follow, find shoes that meet within those guidelines; if they don't have a dress code and you know your child's shoe size, grab a pair of cute boots or sneakers that are in style this fall. From suede studded boots for your daughter to a pair of casual boat shoes for boys. Bring your kids with you to make sure fitting is correct, otherwise heading back to school won't be as seamless as expected. The right pair of shoes can make a world of difference when it's time to get back into the groove of school schedules and after school activities.

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