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What to Look for in a Mattress

Try Before You Buy a Mattress: What to Look for in a Mattress

There's no definite time frame as to when you should replace your mattress. While some people put a limit to how long you should own a mattress before you buy a new one, there really is no set rules to when you should. Instead, think about how you wake up in the mornings or feel you sleep throughout the night.  If you're waking up with lower back pain and aches along your spine; if your mattress is showing visible signs of long-term use such as sagging, lumps or rips; or if you've slept better on your friend's couch or at a hotel: these are signs you may need a new mattress.



Replacing your mattress may be a daunting adventure for some people who have grown attached to their bedding. If this is the case, think of what you like about that mattress: is it the softness, the firmness, the inner material or the pillow top feature? Once you've decided what you love about your old bed, it makes shopping easier when you know what to look for in a mattress. Replacing your mattress is all about getting the most comfortable and seamless sleep, so be sure you buy what is the best mattress on the market for your sleep style.



Tips for buying a new mattress

When buying a new mattress, be sure you are aware of what it is you're buying. Just because a salesperson tells you a mattress is super plush or has extra cushioning doesn’t mean you should buy it without trying it. Here are a few tips for buying a new mattress when you head out to the store.


1. There are no standard or universal terms for mattress features. Each manufacturer and brand has their own way of describing the same thing. Don't be fool when salesmen tell you this is the ultimate supreme plush memory foam mattress on the market; there are different types of memory foam firmness and layering available to get the feel you want. Retailers often change the names of mattress model names so you may be looking at the similar model of the brand you like, but you may not know it. Research mattresses you're looking at when you go from store to store.


2. Know what you're looking for. There are some things you may have liked from your old mattress, some you didn't. Whether it was the fabric, the inner core material or any other feature, have an idea for what you like and want in your new mattress. When replacing your mattress, you don't have to completely alter the way you sleep; you just need to revitalize what you sleep on to get the best sleep.



3. Test mattresses before you buy. How will you know what is the best mattress for you unless you try it? Lie on a mattress as you normally would when you sleep for about 15 minutes. This gives enough time for the mattress to conform to your body and for you to adjust. Sleep in your usual position for several minutes before you roll over on your side or your back. If you sleep with a partner or significant other, make sure you are buying a new mattress together.


4. Sales happen all the time. Don't let a salesperson pressure you into buying a mattress that you're not in love with and don't be fooled by the price tag. Mattress sales happen frequently enough that you should be able to get a good deal on mattresses, spring boxes or mattress sets.


What to look for in a mattress varies from person to person, so there's no right answer for what is the best mattress for me. However, consider your sleep style and your preferences in softness before buying a new mattress. Don't be scared to replace your old mattress because you've grown so attached to it when it's clearly sagging with your body imprint. When you see noticeable signs that you may need a new mattress, do your research in what types of mattresses are available and are beneficial for your body. While innersprings will wear away over time, they won't retain your body heat and repel it back to you, keeping you warmer than you might prefer when you sleep like a memory foam mattress would. What is the best mattress for you cannot be defined by a list, but by your needs and judgment. Start your search for replacing your mattress today with the helpful guidelines provided.

Try Before You Buy a Mattress: What to Look for in a Mattress

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