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Check it Out: Samsung Upright Vacuums

Samsung Upright Vacuums

Samsung Bagless Upright Vacuum w/ Motion Sync Design™

Samsung Bagless Upright Vacuum w/ Fully Detachable Handheld

These Samsung vacuums provide thorough, powerful cleaning throughout the whole home. With features like a wide brush, Cyclone Force Technology, HEPA filtration and great suction power, these vacuums are dependable and easy to operate.

Samsung Upright Vacuums

What They Have in Common

Motion Sync Design — Offers superior swivel steering and precise pivot action in tight spaces. Enables you to easily maneuver around furniture and obstacles in the home. The wheel design provides smooth and stable motion during use, and provides easy transition from carpet to hard floors for effortless cleaning.

Cyclone Force Multi Technology — Provides powerful suction over a long duration, thanks to the Nine-Chamber Cyclone System. The filters capture over 99% of fine dust and debris* for a thorough clean, and the superior separation means the filters last longer and peak performance is maintained.

Motorized Brush Bar — Offers multi-surface cleaning. You can turn the brush roll off with the press of a button to quickly transition from carpeting to hard floors.

Powerful Suction — To help you achieve a thorough clean. Item #37001 has 180 air watts of suction power and item #37011 has 200 air watts of suction power (50 air watts are available on the hand vac).

AAFA Certification — With certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, you can rest assured that this vacuum has passed rigorous tests. This means it’s a great option for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, as it’s proven to reduce the total allergen burden while minimizing any increase in airborne allergen levels.

HEPA Filter — Helps to capture over 99% of dust particles to provide fresh air and a cleaner home.* The washable sponge filter is easy to clean, so there is no need to replace.

Edge Cleaning — Total cleaning across the entire brush enables you to easily vacuum along walls and cabinets.

12.7" Cleaning Path — Equal suction across the entire brush means superior dirt pick-up.

2.2-Liter Dust Bin Capacity — The large capacity enables you to keep cleaning without needing to constantly stop and empty the bin. The hand vac on item #37011 offers a 0.3-liter dust bin capacity.

Built-in Accessory (Crevice & Dusting) — Built-in combo tool with a crevice tool and soft dusting brush, for use on furniture or delicate surfaces. The built-in accessory saves you time — you don’t need to stop and search for tools.

30' Cord Length — Allows mobility.

*As rated by third-party IBR laboratories.




Product Details

Long Reach Hose — Enables you to access places that are otherwise difficult to reach.

10 Amps — Powerful motor with efficient engineering design provides dependable cleaning technology.

Fully Detachable Handheld — Quickly unlatches to clean in tight spaces where traditional vacuums can’t access. The hose-less design allows more freedom of movement.

Superior Swivel Steering — You can easily maneuver around furniture and obstacles in the home.

10 Amps — Powerful motor with efficient engineering design provides dependable cleaning technology.

Need-To-Know Info

Both Samsung vacuums featured in this article come with a five-year warranty. This should provide you with peace of mind.

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