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What is Microfiltration?

A vacuum’s filtration system determines the size and number of dust particles that'll be in the air when the air is exhausted out of the vacuum. Microfiltration was the most common filter type for vacuums for a long time until HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) filters came along. Still, microfiltration is efficiently designed for high airflow performance with a unique quality that attracts dust particles. For households where occupants suffer from allergic reactions to pollen, dust mites, and tobacco smoke, or for those demanding a cleaner indoor environment, it is highly recommended by the Department of Energy that a vacuum cleaner features microfiltration.


Benefits of microfiltration

  • Traps tiny dust particles in easily disposable vacuum bags
  • Designed for high airflow performance while collecting dust and dirt
  • Great for those who have dust allergies and asthma

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