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Check it Out: Samsung Washers

Samsung Washers

Samsung front-load and top-load washers offer you the lateset in technology and convenience. They also offer the industry's largest capacity1 available, helping you get more laundry done in less time.

Samsung Washers

5.6 cu. ft. Capacity — Samsung’s biggest capacity enables you to wash four laundry baskets in a single load.2

Smart Care — You can perform a quick diagnosis of the washer and dryer right from your smartphone.3

Steam Washing — Powerful steam loosens fabric fibers to remove stains, so there’s no need for pre-treatment!

Self Clean and Self Clean+ — Keeps the washer fresh and reminds you to run it every 40 cycles. Self Clean+, available in front-load machines, offers additional cleaning of the gasket. This is not an issue for top-load machines, so standard Self Clean is all that’s needed.

VRT™ and VRT Plus — Provides quiet operation for the washer. The vibration and noise reduction make it possible to put the laundry pair in an upstairs laundry room or even next to a bedroom. VRT Plus, available on the front-load machines, reduces noise 40% more than normal VRT.

Internal Water Heater — High-efficiency machines use very little water. An internal water heater ensures machines will wash at the proper temperatures.

Swirl Drum Design — Prevents fabric damage — small holes in the drum protect fabrics from snags and abrasions.

Direct Drive Motor — No belts to change, and the motor makes the washer more efficient.

Child Lock — This safety feature offers peace of mind — you won’t have to worry about your children accidentally turning the machine on or off.

Dispenser Trays — Ensure proper cleaning because each solution is automatically dispensed at the proper time. There’s no need for to babysit your laundry pair or worry about missing the rinse cycle for softener.

1Based on USDOE/EPA listing.

2Based on an 8-lb. load of laundry.

3Available for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S and Galaxy S1/S2/S3/NOTE/NOTE2.



Samsung Washers

Product Details

PowerFoam™ — Creates a powerful, yet gentle foam that penetrates through fabrics for a thorough clean.

SuperSpeed — Provides a 40% faster wash cycle, so laundry gets done quicker without loss of performance.

Eco Cold Wash — Enables you to save energy on lightly soiled items by using only cold water.

1,300-RPM Maximum Spin Speed — Removes moisture from fabrics for efficient drying.

Various Settings — With 15 preset wash cycles and 13 options, you can choose the best setting to properly care for your clothes.

Garment+ — Allows you to add garments during a cycle. Water and wash time will automatically readjust if necessary.

Drum Light — Enables you to see inside the drum and ensure you’re not leaving an item behind.

EZ Reach — An extra shallow, wide tub that is easy to unload. So even though this washer has a bigger capacity, it’s not difficult to access laundry.

AquaJet™ Deep Clean — Water jets are powerful enough to wash even the biggest laundry loads, but gentle enough to not harm fabrics. It also provides a thorough rinse for cleaner clothes.

1,100-RPM Maximum Spin Speed — For efficient dry times.

Stainless Steel Pulsator — Better quality materials, won’t chip or rust.

Ice Blue LED Display — Stylish and easy to use.

Tinted Glass Door Lid — Offers a sleek look in the laundry room.

Sanitize Cycle — Minimizes allergens and eliminates bacteria for truly clean laundry.

Delay End — Can be programmed up to 24 hours.

Various Settings — With six temperature settings, five spin settings and five soil settings, you can choose the best option to properly care for your clothes.

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