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What to Expect When a Professional Installs Your Water Heater

Soon after you buy your water heater, the installer calls to arrange a time window for the water heater installation. Basic installation includes delivering the new water heater, inspecting the plumbing and location, disconnecting the existing unit, installing the new unit in the same location, connecting it to the existing water source and gas or electric sources and testing for basic operation.

The condition of your home and your local code requirements might require further services, at an additional charge. For example, some California counties have specific regulations regarding gas water heater emissions.

Sears Home Services Water Heater Installation

Additional installation fees

Beyond basic installation, some sellers offer these services for an additional fee.

Removal. For a nominal fee, installers dispose of your existing water heater.

Capacity upgrades. Sometimes upgrading to a larger water heater requires altering your existing plumbing.

Local code upgrades. Local safety code requirements may have changed since the last time your water heater was replaced, and the plumbing and venting may have deteriorated, requiring replacement or alteration. Here are some common upgrades that codes require:

  • Expansion tank. Many municipalities require a thermal expansion tank if plumbing is a closed system with a one-way check valve or non-reversing meter.
  • Earthquake straps with plumbing flex lines. Areas with earthquakes typically require straps to hold water heaters in place and flexible water lines instead of hard-piped plumbing.
  • Drain pan. Drain pans help to avoid possible water damage to your home if the tank leaks, provided the drain pan is piped to an adequate discharge location.
  • Platform. Some areas require gas water heaters to be elevated more than 18 inches above the floor.
  • Permits. Most installations require permits from the city, town or the county, which vary in price.

Installers will review any additional charges before installing your new water heater.

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