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      Why Buy Professional Installation for Your Water Heater?

      When it comes to installing home appliances, especially water heaters, it’s best to have professional help.  Appliance installation is a precise task that needs a trained individual to ensure proper installation and safety to your home. When professionals install your new water heater, they deliver the water heater, remove your old water heater, set up and test the new one, explain how to use and maintain it, and clean up after themselves before they leave. 

      Here are four reasons you should request professional water heater installation:

      Safety. Installing a water heater is complicated and can be dangerous. If improperly installed, you can be exposed to very hot water, carbon monoxide, high voltage electricity or gas.

      Sears Home Services Water Heater Installation

      Water heater sellers, manufacturers and installers want to protect your family and your property, so installers are trained to install water heaters correctly. 

      Take comfort with trusted service. Professionals are licensed, bonded, insured and background-checked plumbers in your area who you can trust to do the job right. They make sure your water heater delivers peak performance so you get the maximum life from your new water heater. Some manufacturers or sellers have a 1-year warranty on water heater installation and have a dedicated hotline to address any questions you have later.

      Adhere to local code requirements. A job done correctly to code by a licensed professional ensures a safe home environment. Professional installation passes any necessary inspections and meets current safety code requirements.

      Save time and money. A professional installer can complete the job faster than the average do-it-yourselfer. With a professional installer, you won’t need extra tools or have to correct any mistakes or mishaps. Additionally, some states don’t charge sales tax on water heaters or the installation cost if purchased together.

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