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Safety & Shop Gear

Safety and shop gear protects you on the work site

Safety and shop gear is a necessity any time you're in your workshop or working on a potentially hazardous project. Whether you need to protect your head, eyes, ears, or hands, Sears can help you stock up on the proper safety gear. With a wide variety of protective outerwear, including hard hats, safety vests, traffic control equipment, utility gloves, and more, you can be fully prepared for any job.

You may need something basic to get started, such as durable utility gloves that let you handle metal, wood, and heavy machinery while keeping your hands protected from scrapes, cuts, and burns. A well-fitting pair of safety glasses is also essential for any workspaces where you'll be working with power tools and dealing with flying debris. You can even get versions designed to fit over your regular glasses. Safety vests are available in a range of styles to keep you visible and protected on a work site, and some have additional cargo pockets help you keep your tools close at hand.

If your shop handles more hazardous projects and materials, make sure you have proper respirators and masks. A must-have when remodeling, these are available in a range of lightweight to heavy-duty options to prevent you from inhaling harmful fumes, fiberglass particles, or other debris.

Before your next project, be sure you have all the right safety and shop gear in advance. Our selection of protective equipment can help ensure you're ready to take on any job, from installing new kitchen countertops to operating heavy machinery.