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Sears wants you to save. So much that we´ll do it for you. With ENERGY STAR® rebates, we do the work to get you the money. Start by finding rebates for your state and local utility.

Get Cash for Appliances

Buy a new ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance from Sears and we´ll help you get the most for your old one. With the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, get cash back for replacing your used appliances. Click below to learn more about Cash for Appliances and other programs in your state.

Click on the interactive map at the right to see how much of the $300 million has been allocated to your state.

Learn more about the program from the experts.


Manufacturers Rebates

Even the manufacturers of our products want to save you money. Check out the Sears Rebate Center for additional rebate opportunities.

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Local Utility Rebates

Your local utility district may offer additional rebates for energy saving appliances. Check out our Energy Rebate Finder to get the latest information to help you save.

Energy rebate finder

Federal Tax Credits

Purchase an energy efficient product for your home and become eligible for a federal tax credit. Click below to find out how.

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Calculate your savings

ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances save you money with every use. Calculate how much you can save in energy costs over the lifetime of your new appliance!

*Savings are based on the average cost of energy in your state

Learn more about energy programs in your state.

Click the map to find out about energy programs in your state

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