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      Looking to improve your engine's performance? Sears stocks a huge assortment of intake manifolds for your car, truck or SUV. We also offer a full selection of gaskets, air meters, flow sensors, exhaust manifolds and so much more. Whether you are tweaking your engine or repairing a leak, Sears is ready to get you back out on the road with the quality parts and selection you need. Sears also carries a huge variety of external intake manifolds, which bring together under-the-hood style with the dramatic performance you desire. Ensure that your engine will be ready for the challenges of the open road, and the stop and go of city streets, with the right part designed for your make and model from Sears.

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      Intake manifolds are like a bartender for your vehicle

      Unless you have an electric car, your engine still requires the proper mix of air and fuel in your cylinders to drive the pistons of the modern internal combustion engine. The intake manifold, sometimes referred to as an inlet manifold, is a series of tubes that dispense air evenly into your engine. It is not only a passageway for the air and fuel mixture, but the intake manifold manages the effective distribution of that mixture from the carburetor.

      As a leader in automotive parts and supplies, Sears carries a broad range of intake manifolds from respected and trusted brands like Edelbrock, Pacesetter, ACDelco and Weiand. Some items are available for free shipping or, if you are in a hurry to prepare for your DIY weekend, you can check to see if your parts are in stock for pickup at your local Sears retail store.

      The intake manifold also has several chambers that handle antifreeze from the radiator, which helps to cool your engine. Since both fuel and antifreeze are flowing through your manifold, gaskets are used to keep the two solutions separate. As time passes, these gaskets slowly breakdown and this allows your fuel and antifreeze to mix. These gaskets must be replaced in order to maintain your engine's efficiency.

      And although it is unusual, intake manifold leaks do occur. While you might imagine that a leak would result in less air making it into your car's cylinders, it is actually quite the opposite problem. Rather than the air escaping, it is being sucked into your manifold through the leak and that leads to too much air in the mixture and a lower efficiency for your engine. If your car is hesitating and becoming sluggish when you press on the accelerator, a leak in your intake manifold could be the problem.

      Whether you want to improve your engine's performance or fix a leak that is stealing power away from your vehicle, Sears will help you get back on the road quickly and affordably. When you turn the starter on your car, you want to rest assured it will be ready to perform. We carry the parts you need with the service that you've come to expect from your neighborhood Sears.


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