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      For precision jobs like plumbing, you need to know how tight you're getting your bolts and screws. Although similar to a standard trinquete, torque wrenches let you apply a set amount of tension to each bolt. Since a precise amount of torque is imperative for using this tool correctly, you'll want to make sure it is calibrated. Sears has digital torque testers to give you an accurate readout of the amount of torque being applied. To get the most out of your torque wrench, you'll want to have some torque multipliers on hand. These will allow you to apply more tension without compromising the integrity of your drive tool.

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      Keep tension exact with torque wrench accessories

      There are a number of accessories that can help your torque wrenches work better and keep them accurate. Having a varying number of torque multipliers will ensure that you can apply enough tension to bolts so that they stay in place but are not excessively tightened. You'll also want to make sure that your wrench is giving you the correct reading. Torque testers can show you the exact amount of torque on an easy to read LED screen. These testers can measure clockwise and counterclockwise rotational torque. Sears has angle testers, as well. These measurement tools will give you an even more accurate tightness reading.

      For some jobs, the torque wrench itself will not be able to apply enough force to the fastener. The old method of alleviating this problem was to implement a cheater bar. Although sometimes effective, this method is often not as safe and can damage your tool or your project. The safer way of increasing torque is through a torque multiplier. They add torque but put much less pressure on the original tool. This is ideal when tightening valves that require an exceptional amount of torque.

      Torque wrenches need to be tested regularly to ensure their accuracy. Investing in a torque tester will help you maintain the correct calibration. Sears has a number of different electric testers that show you the torque rating on an easy to read LED screen. The tester can be easily attached to most any workstation for quick and easy use.

      One of the failings of torque wrenches is that their measurement of tightness is inherently inaccurate. They measure the tightness in pounds and don't take into account friction on the bolt. If you need to get even more specific in your readings, you should pick up an angle tester. These are especially useful when it comes to working on auto body repair. Since these fasteners need an extra level of accuracy, you'll want the accuracy of an angle meter.

      When you are fastening together pieces in your auto, carpentry and metalwork you want to get the most precise seal. With these torque wrench accessories, you'll keep your tools calibrated and your readings accurate. Come to Sears to find all the extras you need to keep your torque wrenches tuned up.


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