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      Get better cuts with stationary power tools

      Handheld power tools are cheap and easy to use, which is why they have a special spot in any workshop. However, they can be heavy and require a lot of extra elbow grease to use. Stationary power tools can be a great solution if you are a handyman who wants to take the next step and build a workshop that helps you get your projects done accurately and in record time. Stationary power tools are large tools that come attached on a table or can be securely mounted on a workbench. You are probably already familiar with chop saws and table saws, smaller tools that mount onto your bench and stay put. However, there are many types of stationary tools that can help you do anything from mill lumber to put the finishing touches on a project.

      Cepilladoras are stationary tools that help take material out of lumber and shape it down to size. These machines are great if you mill your own lumber, or need to customize dimensional lumber to fit your needs. These tools to require a fair amount of room in your workshop, so they might not be the best for small spaces. However, they can save a lot of time and money when you need to cut a lot of long boards down to size. Bench grinders are also great for removing large amounts of material from smaller boards and chunks of wood. These don't require a lot of room and easily mount onto your workbench. You can hold the wood up to the grinder yourself and work material out of the wood bit by bit, relying on feel if you need to. The bench grinder also allows you to shape your wood using unusual cuts or shaping.

      For quick cuts, a chop saw or table saw is the best stationary tool for you. A table saw is the most versatile stationary power tool, but it must sit in the middle of your workshop so you can cut your lumber from any angle. If you just need to cut dimensional lumber down to size, a regular chop saw or miter saw should do the trick. These saws don't take up a lot of room and will easily attach to your workbench. All high powered saws to require great attention to safety, but stationary saws give you a little bit more control over your lumber and cuts.

      Finishing work can take a lot less time if you use stationary power tools to get the job done. Shaping table legs or banister spindles can take forever if you choose to whittle them down by hand. A lathe can spin the wood and cut it for you; all you have to determine is the depth and shape of the cut. Plus, lathes can help you add beautiful finishing touches onto many projects such as tableware and even handcrafted pens. Likewise, a good stationary sander will stand at the ready to help you get any surface polished to the softness of a baby's bottom. After all, you want your work to be perfectly smooth and splinter-free.

      Finally, most concrete power tools work best as stationary tools, since they often operate using a wet blade. While handheld grinders are good for small indoor projects, they will require some cleanup from all of that water keeping the blade cool. Larger tools benefit from drainage systems and pans that collect and divert the water runoff as you cut stone, tile and concrete for your home projects.

      Stationary power tools are a natural upgrade from your basic workshop tool chest. While they may seem like a big investment, these tools will pay off with fewer trips to the home improvement section and quicker project completion. Start your search for the perfect stationary power tools at Sears, where you will find several saws, grinders, sanders and other power tools from trusted brands at prices that you can be happy about.