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Increase the storage space of your chest combos with top chests. Occasionally portable but sometimes also stationary, top chests add storage solutions for your smaller tools and their accessories. Planer blades, saw discs and nails find plenty of room inside the various drawers. Some chests feature as many as 10 drawers, which is sure to elevate your tool organization to a completely new level. For your bulkier equipment, there are side chests with adjustable shelves. Store your air tools and larger items inside these chests. Lock them for added security and safety. Are you not surprised to see just how much floor space you are freeing up when organizing your tools? Go ahead; add a few more tool chests for even more space.

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Keep tools handy and secure with top chests

Craftsman tools are the gold standard for quality and dependability. Top chests from Craftsman are tool boxes that exude the same excellence and performance as the tools. They are made in various sizes, widths and configurations, so you'll find a great fit for your tools and your workbench. Many of the tool boxes are finished in traditional Craftsman red or black. Several shades of blue as well as white and pink provide other color options. Stainless steel has a professional appearance whether it's used at home or in the workplace. With hundreds of top chests in our collection, it won't be hard to locate the perfect Craftsman tool box for your tools, your workspace and your budget.

When you go to the work rather than the work coming to you, hand tool belts keep essential tools very handy. It's not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Craftsman designs a variety of tool belts to meet the demands of different professions. The Framers Rig is ideal for builders and renovators who use a wide assortment of tools each day. It's complete with suspenders to help support the weight. Other job-specific hand tool belts are designed for electricians, carpenters and contractors. There are many other belts available for more general purposes. You can accessorize your belt with holders for utility knives, tape measures and much more.

For larger collections of tools, tool chest combos offer secure, convenient storage in many different heights and widths. Most feature casters for easy maneuvering. Options for the base include drawers or cabinets. Top boxes come with drawers and a lidded top where commonly used tools are kept within easy reach. Several colors including pink give you aesthetic options. Craftsman tool chest combos are best-sellers, but we also carry models from International, Extreme Tools and other manufacturers.

Tool storage accessories protect your tools and keep them organized. Non-slip, durable drawer liners come in kits to fit a variety of tool boxes, and they can be cut to size too. Organization trays and divider kits keep your tools out of a jumbled pile, so you'll quickly access the one you need for each task. Replacement lock sets keep your tools secure when you're not around. Plastic side shelves expand storage capabilities while keeping oft-used tools at the ready.

Tool boxes, belts and accessories keep tools nearby and secure in the shop or on the job site. With our huge selection, you'll locate the right products to meet your requirements. Join professionals and DIY enthusiasts everywhere who choose Sears for their tool-carrying and tool-storage equipment.


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